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October 3, 2011 / fionarwbl

The Start of Something New AKA I am a Giant Stressball

Tomorrow is the start of something big. Huge. Tomorrow I actually start working at my new job, a full 5 months after the offer was made. Tomorrow, my next life begins.

I know. Very dramatic. But the new job is a complete shift in direction, and something that I honestly have no idea whether I am actually capable of. They think I can do it. I hope so.

Last week I moved apartments and neighborhoods. You know, because there wasn’t enough change going on in my life.

This weekend, I have been a complete emotional wreck and crazy stress ball. I have burst into tears randomly twice. My husband has no idea what to do with me. This afternoon I finally made it to yoga. It definitely helped. I went to Yoga Sutra, where I got a Groupon for 10 classes a couple of months ago. I absolutely love this studio. It has an amazing chill out space around reception, including water with slices of oranges in them for flavor, and a schedule with lots of options, including lunchtime shorter classes. The only thing I am not so fond of are the bathrooms / changing rooms. They are kind of small and cramped.

Today I took a vinyasa class with Sheila Klein. I’ve taken a class with her before, and I love the flow that she creates, and how she energizes the classes with asanas that are both challenging and can be modified. Believe me, I need the modifications. I am what one yoga teacher flattering describes as “stable”, also known as completely inflexible. Today we did lots of binds, warrior Is, IIs, Peaceful Warriors, a bit of Crow (I held it for at least a second! I swear!), and then worked up to Eka Pada Koundiyanasana II. Say WHAT??!??!

So, it looks a little like this:

Legs everywhere!!


Yeah, that didn’t really happen for me. My legs didn’t get off the ground. Actually, my knees still don’t go over my shoulder. Or wherever I am supposed to align those joints. But it was kind of fun watching how effortlessly our teacher got in and out of the pose, and she made us think that we could get there. Maybe. One day. She also did an amazing neck and shoulder stretch thing on each of the students while we were in shavanasa. Swoon. Let me lie there all day.

I came out of class all sweaty but much more relaxed and walking taller, which is really all I can ask from a yoga class.

Okay, now it’s off to get a good’s night sleep before waking early for work tomorrow.

How do you relax when everything around you is changing?



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