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October 11, 2011 / fionarwbl

4am Wake Up Calls & Unexpected Finds

Work has officially started. For months I have been psyching myself up for this huge change in my lifestyle, and now it is 100% here.

I am typing this from a hotel room in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which will be my home 3 or 4 days a week from now until Thanksgiving. It turns out it is a totally adorable town. I just walked around it. Cute, New England tastefullness, lots of choices of restaurants and bars for when I get tired of room service (not yet – my dinner has been ordered and is on it’s way), and whether it is my natural consumption plus running instincts, but within seconds I found an amazing running store – Runner’s Alley which appeared to have some sort of run club event on tonight. I spread my New York dollars around the New Hampshire economy as I was enthralled by their amazing GU choices. Check out my selection below! They also had a lot of choices for socks and a really cute moving comfort long sleeve. However, since today is probably the only day in the next 2 months that I’ll be finished before 6, that was probably my last time at the store for, well, really ever. I have a feeling I’ll be making an effort to try and get back once more, if only to load up tax-free socks and gels.

Ok, I just realised that I am going to be taking a bunch of GUs through airport security. Anyone any idea if this is a bad idea or not?

I have also found a couple of yoga studios in town, so I’ll be testing those out over the coming weeks. I have really been struggling to fit yoga into my life recently, and it has been showing. Or, as my husband says, “you’ve been a real cranky bitch recently. Please go back to yoga”. I love him for his supportive side, I do. And that he is my yoga enabler. So this whole life in a hotel thing might not be as heinous as originally thought.

I am changing my running schedule up though. I had to run in the evening last night, and because it was an evening run, instead of a slow 8m, I ended up doing a speedy 7m. It was dark, and I don’t know about you, but I just don’t feel like hanging around on my run at 8 o’clock in the park. I did see 2 raccoons crossing the road at the very northern part of the park, as if they were heading out. They kinda looked like a couple. Does anyone know if raccoons hang out in pairs? They looked so cute, but having been bitten by potentially rabid dog in Thailand once, I wasn’t taking my chances again with these guys. I held a decent pace and ended up holding an 8:54 pace. However, it felt fast, and it’s only 15 second faster than my supposed (as in, according to SmartCoach) marathon pace, so I’m not feeling my chances there. I am typically not an evening runner, and this run didn’t really endear me to it, apart from the post run 16 candles refuelling. Mmmmmm, Angel Food Cake ……

I’m mixing up my tempo run as well – either running it tomorrow evening after work if I’m still here, or Thursday morning. Getting up at 5.30am for a 7m run tomorrow just doesn’t sound appealling after this morning’s 4am start.

Ok, my room service dinner has arrived. Time to chow down, read some more work notes, and get some sleep.

Can anyone give me any other survival tips for staying fit (and sane!) while on the road?




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  1. Old 454 / Oct 11 2011 11:43 pm

    I wouldn’t worry too much about taking the GUs through security, though there is some chance you’ll have to sacrifice them to the circular file. On the road, Google Maps is my best friend for figuring run routes & distances, even for picking hotels–I once made the mistake of picking a hotel completely locked in by freeways–no outdoor running access beyond the fenced parking lot.

  2. ellen / Oct 12 2011 12:28 am

    i’ve heard portsmouth is cute! nice that you are there and not in some awful hole-in-the-wall. once again, great job adjusting and still getting your miles in. taper time is right around the corner!

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