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October 23, 2011 / fionarwbl

Another Day Another Airport (And Yoga. And Running.)

This post comes to you from the US Airways shuttle gates at La Guardia. I’m back in the airport. My sister sends me angry emails about my carbon footprint. All those years of not owning a car are coming undone. I owe the atmosphere 3o49 trees. I’m flying to Reagan, and then to Dallas. I’ll spend 2 days in Dallas before flying back to New York via Philadelphia. 6 hours later (at 6.30am) I will get on the plane again to fly to Boston, and back again on Thursday night. I’m exhausted thinking about it, so who knows how exhausted I’ll be when I actually complete all that? All I do know is that I’m only going to get 1 run between now and Thursday, and no yoga, and very likely no gym work. Although 15 minutes of arm work and planks might not kill me.

But before all that, I did have an amazing weekend. I managed to leave the office by 5.30 on Friday. Ok, here’s a thing that bugs me. I have to get into the office for an 8.30am conference call and a 9am meeting every single Friday. No one else gets in until 9.30 or later. But it still seems like I’m leaving early when I head out before them. Ugh. I hate being the new girl.

We saw The Ides of March, which was kind of meh and predictable. Yes, the leading men were hot, but it felt like political movie by numbers. Thomas Friedman esque stump speeches, the man who leads on integrity has a dark secret, the press leak, the young hero’s moral crumble. Blah blah blah. Sorry, but I expected more from the all-star team.

With all the other things I had to do, the only yoga I was able to make it to was Yoga To The People at 38th st for hot vinyasa. I kind of thing of YTTP as convenience yoga. It’s never ground-breaking, doesn’t really make my practise any better, but it’s cheap, the teaching is solid, the heat makes it a tough workout, and the schedule is pretty flexible. I’m certainly glad it exists. I had so much tightness in my hamstrings, and I can feel that my arm and core strength has taken a serious dip in the last month since I stopped going to Core Fusion. After the marathon I’m going to have to seriously address this. Ouch. I’m already in pain thinking about it.

Sunday morning was run time. I woke my sorry tired self up at 6.30am to head over to 60th and 1st where there were several groups of runners setting out to do the famous Last 10 Miles. I was running with my friend Amber with the New York Flyers. The route felt good, and we ended up running pretty fast – 9:31 pace for the 10 miles while chatting along the way. I ran the 3 miles over, so today was actually a sneaky half marathon day. I didn’t drink any water or take any gels or GUs which was kind of strange, and not planned, but it didn’t seem to have too much of an adverse impact on my performance. The weather was perfect – crisp and cool – and I got to wear my favorite long sleeve shirt and shorts combination. I will not be wearing this for the marathon though. It still shocks me that I can run a half marathon by 10am and barely even feel it. Feeling this strong and fit feels so good that I want to find ways to be able to do some sort of maintenance, if that’s even feasible or possible. I’ve been thinking a lot about what and how I want to incorporate my fitness goals into work and life post-marathon.

The day finished off with a long dog walk, brunch at Aroma, another dog walk, and then randomly flinging corporate attire into a case to take to Dallas. I already know I’ve forgotten some key toiletries. Which leads me to my next thought. Why are there never CVS or Walgreens at the airport? Every other airport in the world has a drugstore selling all those things you forget, but never in American airports. So weird.

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