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November 1, 2011 / fionarwbl

2 More Runs To Go, and Taper Misery

Rather like counting down to Christmas (2 more sleeps!), I am counting down the runs until Sunday. Today, there are 2 more – an “easy 2”, and a short speedwork session, and I’m all done.


Cue panic and freaking.

Last week I had to skip a 6 mile run, so only ran twice. This in itself is making me worry that my taper has had too much taper. I am hoping that 1 6 mile run not done will not derail 4 months of hard work. Surely it cannot be?

I did one workout on the treadmill last week, which, although bored the hell out of me, got it done. Getting anything done these days feels like a challenge. Last week I ended the weekend by flying out to Dallas for two days. I flew home on Tuesday and got home at midnight. 4.5hrs later and I was getting up again and heading back to the airport, this time to Boston, to hit up Portsmouth, NH for another couple of days. Multiple delays to my flight on Thursday meant me getting home at 9.30pm and working until 12.30am. I worked on Friday night until midnight, and most of Saturday, taking advantage of the snow day. Somehow, if the weather is conspiring against anyone doing anything, it’s okay to stay on the couch and tap frantically at my laptop. Saturday night was a fun snow-in with friends, with much discussion on cheering squad plans. Sunday was all dog walks, seeing old friends, birthday parties, and then a late 6m run through the park. It turns out that no-one runs in the park on Sundays at 8pm. I must have seen 4 other people amongst all the tree branches and storm debris. I was surprised. Surely I am not the only one who cannot get their schedule together enough to run at a decent time?

It was actually my third time in the park that day. The storm damage was incredible and kind of scary, to be honest. Trees are not build to have leaves and snow. Nature is breaking down, people.

Actually, my run in the park kind of scared me. My legs felt like they were moving fast. My GPS said that they were not. I had minor pain in my heel for a couple of miles, and my IT band ached a little in the last couple of miles. In just 6 miles? What on earth is going to happen during the other 20 that I run on Sunday? It didn’t really fill me with confidence. And now I’m scared to add in anything else like a yoga session for fear of tiring my legs out more.

Man, I really miss yoga. It’s been over a week since I last got to go.

The taper isn’t affecting my mood, but I am incredibly aware of my body. I feel heavier. I feel like all the food I eat is just sitting there. I feel like I am turning into a vegetable. Instead of feeling like a caged animal, I feel more lethargic. Maybe that’s why I finish with speedwork. To get my legs turning over. I really hope so.

Is everyone else having last minute doubts and paranoia? Is this normal? How the hell am I supposed to feel right now?



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  1. Dori / Nov 1 2011 5:14 pm

    Skipping a 6 mile run will have zero affect! First of all, all training plans are designed with you skipping about 15-20% of the runs built in. Second, you started training like a month before everyone else. You are ready for this!

  2. ellen / Nov 2 2011 12:15 am

    yes – to doubts. yes, it’s normal. and this is pretty much how you should feel. but i hope you are insanely excited too – bc it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

    my legs have felt like lead lately too. it sucks. you’ve rocked your long runs and your legs will be fresh and ready to go on nov 6 (5 more sleeps! hahaa)

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