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November 3, 2011 / fionarwbl

Last Run Done! The Next Time I Lace Up Those Shoes Will Be At the NYC Marathon

Long title. Sorry about that! But it’s true. According to my training plan, I have completed my last run before Sunday. All the work is done. From now until Sunday, all I have to do is eat, drink, sleep, and avoid stress. So why has my husband signed us up for an afternoon of toddler baby-sitting on Saturday? I don’t know, but we are. Stroller trip to the park to see the marathon signage? Of course.

My last two runs were a mixed bag. Yesterday’s 2 miler felt strange. I felt like I was running fast, but my GPS said otherwise. Today, I did speedwork, and ran both my miles at well under my targeted 8:03 pace, but well above my peak speeds that I was putting in in September. Who even knows what this means at this point? My boss wanted to leave work early to get checked in to our hotel (not stop working early!), but it did mean I had the rare opportunity of doing a daytime run here. It was great that my last run was on a beautiful, clear, fall evening. During my recovery breaks, I even took photos!

That building on the left? It sells clam chowder. YUM.


However, there was a big revelation during my speed work today: I’m changing my race outfit. Before, I was wearing a Lululemon t-shirt that I’ve worn countless times before. Works well, looks cute, etc. However, I wore this t-shirt today for the first time, and I loved having the inspirational message on it. Now I have to smile in all my photos! Don’t worry, it feels good on as well.

Gratuitous boob shot

Tonight my friends are making signs for me. I truly feel so happy and lucky that people are going to spend Sunday looking for me and cheering. It’s all starting to happen… And I really will RUN HAPPY.


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