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November 6, 2011 / fionarwbl

It’s Really Here. Tomorrow I Run the NYC Marathon

Today I have gone through just about every emotion possible. I woke up excited and confident (although with not enough sleep thanks to an awesome documentary premiere last night and the early morning walking hours at the park). I walked Moose in the park with my husband and a good friend, and saw some of the mile markers. I really wanted to check out the finish line, but we didn’t have time, and I didn’t end up getting a chance all day. Here’s what not to do the day before your first marathon: babysit a 1 year old and a 5 month old for five hours. From 1 until 6 I entertained and acted as a human bed for some small people. This was 100% exhausting, and I was completely unable to keep as hydrated as I wanted to since when a toddler falls asleep on you, you really don’t want to move.

Oh look. My name in Columbus Circle.


Yes, that's me.

All those names make up this image. Cool, no?

I then walked Moose through the park again and I started to get that excited, happy feeling again. However, getting back at 7.30, and then running around making dinner was stressful enough, and I only started packing my bag and trying on my stuff at 8.30. Update on the shirt front: I’m back to wearing a blue Lululemon shirt. The Run Happy is awesome but a little short, so I’m not sure how comfortable it will be in mile 18…

So yes, I am a stress baby tonight. Thank god for clocks changing. Tomorrow I’m getting the 8.30 ferry, wearing 3 old NYRR shirts and my husband’s old pajama pants over my running gear. I have a copy of the New Yorker. Yes, I know, it’s not a trashy magazine, but I need something that will absorb me. I don’t have a marathon playlist. I’m okay with that. I have loaded up my shorts with 5 GUs. I have planned my meeting points. I am 100% excited and just ready to get on with this. This time tomorrow, I will be asleep. And a marathoner.




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