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November 28, 2011 / fionarwbl

Running Feels So Hard Right Now

There is no getting around the fact that almost every run I have done since the marathon has been hard. Like, aching calves, heavy breathing hard. Technically, I’ve done some good runs since the marathon too.

I’ve done two Central Park loop runs with my husband. My husband is extremely fit, and runs a lot faster than me. Maybe running with him is too hard for me right now. Both runs were clocking in at 8:50ish pace, which for me is fairly fast. Its really where I want to get to for my steady run pace, but it feels hard work. I’m not going to lie: when I run with my husband I d want to show off a little and show him how strong I am. I mean, I ran a marathon, come on!

I did have a nice relaxing run this week on Tuesday. I woke up early and got in a sweet 4 mile run doing two loops of the reservoir. It was damp out, and I enjoyed the flat loops as a respite from the rolling Central Park hills. For once I felt like I was loose.

I headed up to Pawling, NY, for Thanksgiving. My friends have a house up there, and it is one of my favorite places to chill out in. It’s plenty hilly out there. I went for a 6m run with a friend, and it was just constant toughness. Uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill, WIDOWMAKER. The Widowmaker is a hill that’s maybe 100 yards, but insanely steep. I only made it up a third before walking. It literally got to the point that I felt I wasn’t moving. Even my dog, who had run wildly everywhere up until that point, trotted up in a straight line. By the time I reached the top, my legs felt the same as they had after 20 miles in the marathon. That is not right, is it?

Today’s running goal was to do 10 miles at a 9:55 ish pace. I did a first loop of Central Park, and I felt like I was working. It didn’t help that it was 57F out, and I was wearing a long sleeve thicker shirt, so I was hot. I hate running hot. But yet again, after about 4 miles my calves were tired and my breathing uneven. I was doing about a 9:30 pace the whole time. After finishing the first loop, instead of doing a 4 mile loop around 72nd and 102nd, I did a loop of the reservoir, and even then, I quit before I finished the loop. Again with the calves.

So, what is going on? Well, a couple of things. Maybe I’m going too fast. Maybe I really need to slow down on my runs for another week. I don’t think I need to stop running altogether. The other thing that I know is going on is that I’m not doing yoga, and I think that not doing yoga means that I’m not stretching and breathing properly. I think it means that I’m not recovering properly and everything is tight. I also know that work is super stressful right now. Since Monday, I’ve worked a boatload, and this week I finish up my project, so it’s extremely stressful for me. It’s the first time I’m going through this, so I’m thinking about it all the time. Running, instead of relaxing me, is just another time I’m running through work issues in my head. I need to learn to control that for me. Finally, I feel like Central Park is work for me. Maybe running on flat (hi West Side Highway!) for a week will ease up my calves.

So, what am I going to do? Well, I’m going to keep running for the moment. I’m going to slow down my slow runs. I’m going to try and get to a yoga class at least once this week, if not more. And I’m going to try and avoid hills. A week of this might ease up my legs.

Is anyone else having post-marathon running blues? Any suggestions to getting over them?


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  1. Dori / Nov 28 2011 8:41 pm

    YES running is so hard now! I had the worst 8-miler yesterday. Every step sucked. I think we just need to let some time pass and we’ll bounce back to normal. No trying to be speedy yet, take it easy!


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