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December 5, 2011 / fionarwbl

Breaking Rules and Getting Back on Track

After last week’s running difficulties, this week has been a dream. I’m back on a training plan, because, frankly, I love having a plan. This week has been awesome in terms of running:

  • I registered for 2 winter races
  • I broke some Central Park rules to have one of the most fun runs I’ve had in weeks
  • I ran a new route
  • I ran one of the fastest 4m tempos that I’ve ever run


NYRR winter registration opened this week. Last year. the Manhattan Half was the   first race I ran where I felt strong and confident in. I didn’t break the magic 2hr mark, but I felt like I was in touching distance, and more importantly, when I finished, I felt good. I mean, yes, it was crazy to be running in 14F, but there were 5,000 other crazies with me! I’ve been looking forward to running a race to take advantage of the marathon training. I was able to break 2hrs for the first time during marathon training, and this time I’ll be able to actually focus on training for the distance. My last time was 1:56:39. I’m sure I have a 1:55 or faster in me. I also signed up for the 4M Gridiron race. This is really about getting my bib time down and into a faster corral. I ran that race last year and hated it. Maybe this time will be better.

So, rule breaking. I took my dog for a run. On the Bridle Path. Off leash. The first thing I would like to say is that I did this at a time that I was sure that no one would be running – 7.30pm on Friday night. I was right in my hunch – I saw 2 other runners the whole time. I have been looking after the dog alone for the last couple of weeks since my husband’s been away, so fitting in 12hr work days, dog walking, running, and real life can be tough, hence the multi-tasking on Friday night. There was another reason though. I took Moose for a 10k run along country roads last week during Thanksgiving and he absolutely loved it, so when he discovered he was going running again, he freaked out with happiness. Plus, it totally exhausts him, and as any dog owner knows, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Thanks to my happy Bridle Path running on Friday night, I decided to explore the Bridle Path a little more. Can you believe I’ve been running in Central Park since the start of the summer but hadn’t run the Bridle Path really at all until this week, and the lower part only today. What?? How bad a runner am I? I had a lot of fun running it today, although I think I did it run, because it was only 6 miles to run the loop and down and back. Does that make? Did I miss a part? I did think it was cool that I actually saw horses on the bridle path today.

This week was a great week of running for me. I ran 2 easy 3m runs, a 4m tempo with warm up and cool down, and 11m long. My 4m tempo had  a goal pace of 8:25 but I ended up doing 8:09, and the 11m was at 9:15. I’m really pleased with my numbers this week. I’m a little concerned about getting burned out, but so far am feeling strong. This week is a change in project, so it’s going to be really tough time wise for the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be a lot of early morning runs. Ouch.

How do you cope with running and fitting in work? How do you know when you’re pushing too hard, or not hard enough?





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