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December 26, 2011 / fionarwbl

2011 in Review – Running, Headstands, Crow, and Flywheel

2011 is nearly over, and now’s the time we all start rounding up our year and thinking about our highs and lows. This year was an absolutely huge year for me, both for running and almost all other parts of my life. I’m going to try and break it down into themes.


1. Marathon! A year and a month after my first real road race, I ran in the ING NYC Marathon. I was an extremely lucky lottery winner. I found out in June last year, and admittedly wasn’t exactly thrilled when I saw that I was in. My first reaction was more “holy crap now I really have to run this thing what if I fail”. The good news is that I didn’t fail. I ended up doing ok, actually. I ran a respectable 4:12:36, which was well inside my goal time of anything under 4:30, and has now given me high hopes of running a sub 4hr in the near future. I loved the training and feeling myself improve, and 2011 will not be my last marathon, for sure.

Moose made that sign all by himself. What a dog. He doesn't even have thumbs.


2. Injury. I’ll never really know what went wrong with my foot in February apart from I went for a run in Miami and came back barely able to walk. I had 2 diagnoses: a stress fracture on my third metatarsal, and Morton’s Neuroma, neither of which really fit. I do know that, while Saucony Kinvaras work well for lots of people, they do not for me, even when I follow the slow introduction route. I was completely unable to run for 2 months, and had to wear a hideous plastic boot. I missed the DC National Half Marathon. I was miserable. Starting to run again was hell. But I got over it, and went on to have one of the best running years of my life.

3. Runniversaries. My first ever race was the Grete’s Gallop Half Marathon in 2010. This year I had my first runniversary which was made extra special by the fact that it was my good friend Loren’s first ever half marathon. I set an important milestone PR (my first sub 2hr half! 1:56:39), and was able to cheer her on at the end. Double win!

4. Running with Friends. And Husbands. I’d never had a social run before this year. I’d always run alone. During my first run with my husband he actually made me cry. Apparently I take too many waterbreaks. I was hurting! It was one of my first runs back after my foot injury. He has become more patient. I have become a lot faster since then. Now we usually run a loop of the park on on the bridal path a couple of times a month together. I also have run with Dori during marathon training which was awesome, and met a new colleague at work through running as well. A goal for 2012 is to run with more people and build my running friends. Want to run with me? Leave a comment or send me a tweet 🙂

5. Crow! So I did fail in my 2011 goal of being able to do a headstand.  But I did have a phase of getting into Crow pretty easily, but then I started to show off and do it while drunk and I think yoga karma schooled me and now I’m struggling again. It could be because I hardly did any yoga for a month while I was moving. Anyway, Crow is my new awesome yoga pose. Maybe, in about 12 more years of intense practise I can do that thing where you go from Crow to tripod headstand. Or maybe not.

6. Spinning. I tried out Flywheel, and loved it. 45 minutes still wipes me out every time I go, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dying to go back. The Upper West Side studio doesn’t have as flexible a schedule as the Flatiron studio, which is a shame, but I’ll definitely be back in 2012.
And what would a year in review be without some numbers and stats? Here we go:

  • Miles run so far: 777m according to DailyMile.
  • Fastest Mile: 7:05, during a random speedwork in August
  • Current NYRR pace: 8:31, set during the Celebrate Israel race this year
  • Races run: 11, including the Marathon
  • Pairs of running shoes: 3 – Asics Gel 2610s (I think? I don’t have them anymore. No love), Saucony Kinvaras (foot breakers!), Nike LunarGlide 2 (about to be replaced)
  • Best running gadget: the iSmoothRun iphone App. Seriously. You have to try. Tempo runs, speedwork, regular runs, including weather, and your fastest song. Total awesomeness.

These babies have over 500 miles and have done me proud.

How was your 2011? Did you complete any running milestones? Or any other health related ones?

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  1. Naomi / Dec 31 2011 5:18 pm

    Congratulations on a great year! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to reading more in 2012!

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