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January 7, 2012 / fionarwbl

Back to the Grind

How was everyone’s first week of 2012? I’m back on my crazy project, although this week hasn’t been too bad. If you don’t count 2 7.30am starts, and staying to the office til at least 7.30pm, if not 8 or 10pm each night too bad. Where is my sense of reality?! The good news is that next week is a full week, and then the following week is really short for me because my family are in town. I’m extremely excited.

I’m writing this post after my long run. Today’s run started out well enough, or rather too well. Last week’s long run had some glorious negative splitting, when I ran my second lap of the park a good couple of minutes faster than the first. I am the world’s worst negative splitter. Even in short races, I go all out in the first half, and then limp and sputter over the finish line. The second half of my marathon was 14 minutes slower than the first. Ouch. Although I don’t call it negative splitting. I call it insurance. I get worried that I won’t be able to make up time in the second half, so I bomb out the first. That’s pretty much how today’s run went, even though I wasn’t racing. I felt really good and relaxed for the first loop, and ran it at around an 8:55 pace. Somewhere around mile 9 though, my knee started getting a nagging feeling, my calves tightened out, and breathing became more labored. The pain in my knee hung around for another mile and a half, and my IT bands started to ache more, and I called my run off at 10.5 miles, rather than the 12 on the books. Definitely not thrilled with my performance, but I understand that my poor legs hate my long hours and trying to cram all my running into Friday through Monday.

The middle and end of my run. Sloooooowwwwwwinnnggg down at the end.

Similarly, I debated doing a tempo workout yesterday evening after work, but my legs rebelled during the warm up and would not get loose, and so instead I negative splitted a 4m run. Actually, yesterday’s run was a full body rebellion. Perhaps the thing I hate most about my job is the diet. There are a lot of takeout meals, junk food snacks, forgetting to eat and then searching for a vending machine, etc. This week I think I ate my entire body weight in those Ritter Sport bars. I’ll try and bring more green juices to work with me as they fill me up and stop me from snacking as much. I really felt how my whole body was lacking in energy on Friday’s run. And I thought that with all those calories chocolate (especially ones with Sport in the title!) would be an energy food!

Tonight is dinner and drinking at the new Jacob’s Pickles place near us. Apparently there is a pickle themed cocktail. I don’t really like pickles, but I’m intrigued….


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