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January 9, 2012 / fionarwbl

Turning My World Upside Down Thanks to Pure Yoga

Today I did a handstand, and a headstand, and even a wheel variation holding a man’s ankles.

(The start of this blog post reminds me of The Secret History, where in the first page you learn Bunny is dead, and then have to read the next 400 to find out why and how. Of course, I am not Donna Tartt, so maybe not quite the same.)

(Holding a man’s ankles sounds way ruder than it was. Obviously.)

I recently joined Pure Yoga and have been having a blast trying out a bunch of new classes. Some have been winners (Hi, Hot Power Yoga! Nice to be back, Slow Flow!), and some not so much (turns out anything with Forrest-style teachings. Can they come with a warning that you will start with Dolphin and then become easier?). Today I went to a Vinyasa class with Eddie Teboul. I hadn’t taken a class with him, but I liked him from the start. Good music, very clear and straightforward instructions, and a sense of a pragmatic, grounded approach to yoga. There was something very confident in his teaching that inspired confidence and stability in his class. We did a great sequence of flows, with lots of work on our spinal flexibility, a couple of binds here and there, lots of warrior. We did a couple of inversions at the end of class – both handstand and headstand. I’m not good at inversions – I literally cannot get up. He went round to every student and helped those up who needed it, so I finally got to experience a true inversion. It was terrifying, but awesome. I only stayed up for a few seconds before getting a bit freaked out, but at least I was up!!! Like, totally legs against the wall, hands on the ground, upside down. Un-freaking-believable. Oh, and then we did headstand, which freaks me out even more. And again, he made sure everyone got up. Again, I freaked after about 15 seconds, but afterwards, I completely regretted coming down. I can’t wait to do it again! Knowing what to expect when I get upside down makes getting there so much less scary. I can just concentrate on getting up there, because I know that it’s ok when I’m there. WOWWOW.

Yes, I took my yoga class on the beach in my bikini. Didn't you?


Yeah, I can’t do wheel either, so instead I did this weird holding onto his ankles while he yanked my spine up. And suddenly, I was an open wheel. It felt amazing.

I came back from class sweaty and elated. And then sat down to watch the first episode of Downton Abbey. Sooo good! I cannot wait to grab another spare hour and get the next one in.

How were your weekends? Did you have a new experience, try a new restaurant, or a new tv show?

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  1. Naomi / Jan 10 2012 2:19 pm

    I’m not a fan of inversions either because like you, I also cannot get up without assistance. But the few times that I have, have felt amazing! But whenever an instructor tells us to do an inversion but doesn’t assist us, I just do Legs At the Wall (which also happens to be one of my favorite post-run stretches).

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