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February 19, 2012 / fionarwbl

Running, Valentine’s Romance, and Super Culture Weekend

This post could also be entitled “I did a lot of stuff this week for me and I’m proud (although yoga took a back seat – oops)” but that is even longer than the original title.

I just finished doing laundry, and was extremely pleased to see all that all of my sports bras are in the laundry. I get depressed when I don’t have enough wicking fabrics getting washed. It’s like a reminder that I haven’t put in as many miles or oms as I would have liked. However, during the last couple of weeks, mostly thanks to my awesome husband, I’ve been able to sneak in a couple of mid-week runs, Friday night runs, and longer weekend runs, and my sanity has been preserved. This project finishes up in a couple of weeks, and I can definitely feel the exhaustion that comes from too many hours for too long kicking in.

Tuesday night as Valentine’s night. We have never, in our six year relationship, celebrated Valentine’s Day. Like most men, my husband hates it, and I don’t feel that strongly about it, so it was never worth making a big deal over. However, this year started so well with my dog(walker) leaving me balloons from Moose. The challenge was on!

Yes, my dog leaves me a Valentine. Even though he has no thumbs. He is that talented.


Once my husband saw that he was being out-romanced by our dog, he started to raise his game a little. I was given very strict instructions. Go for a run, and bring home Shake Shack. Totally fine by me. There is nothing weird about running alone in Central Park on Valentine’s Day and then picking up burgers while sweaty. Actually, it was awesome. I pushed myself to do a semi-tempo, where I mostly managed to keep myself under 8:30 min/miles for the 4 mile loop in the park, although it was damn tough. How did I run in at a 7:49 pace just 10 days ago? Anyway, reward was Shake Shack burgers and the special shake – the Jeremy Lin Mint. YUM!


All over the place splits. And during the first mile I lost my keys and had to backtrack to find them. Which I did.

I come home to a mystery treat – handmade chocolate covered strawberries! My husband dipped them himself, and they were absolutely amazing. I didn’t eat the whole plate by myself in one go, but I made a damn fine effort at it. All while watching New Girl. Talk about romance 🙂


Is there anything I really need to say? CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!!

On Friday I somehow also managed to cram “all the things I love” into one day – movie trip to see The Artist (worth seeing, but not my pick for best movie), donuts and amazing coffee at Doughnut Plant, and sneaking out of work at 4.30. What a set up for a great weekend?!

But wait! It gets better!! Because on Saturday morning I managed to run 9 miles at a decent pace, meet a friend and make half marathon plans in the park, go for brunch at The Smith, take a nap, and see Kevin Spacey in Richard III. Yes, I was exhausted by the whole day, but it was so worth it. I actually wanted to run 10, but then we would have been even more late for brunch than we already were. The Smith was fantastic for brunch; I had The Croaker, which was basically a Croque Madame, or grilled ham and cheese sandwich with eggs on top. No wonder I need a food coma / 9 mile run nap afterward.

I wish this was a picture of The Croaker. I ate that too fast to take photos. Instead, my miles from Saturday. Still need to work on consistency.


Kevin Spacey was unbelievable – mesmerizing, exhausting, exhilarating. The only issue was that the theater was ridiculously hot. I was surprised people were not passing out. I nearly thought I was going to. I had luckily looked up the play on Wikipedia first, because otherwise it would have been a challenge to follow what was going on. It was 4hrs long – Shakespeare’s second longest play, and so was a bit of an endurance piece just to watch it. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, and reminded me of why I moved to NYC in the first place.

Today was spent catching up on real life. Laundry. Why does laundry take hours to complete. Trader Joes. Although I’m sure I failed to buy any food I can actually cook with. The trail mix is killing me again though. Lots of dog walking. And tonight I’m off to my friend’s leaving party. Tomorrow is a work day for me though, so not so many gin and tonics.

Did you have a great weekend? Are you off tomorrow? How are you taking advantage of the long weekend?


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