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February 28, 2012 / fionarwbl

Oscar Party and Napping

Bad news got me down last week, but a couple of good runs helped me clear my head. It’s times like this that I’m really thankful that I started to run, because really, no matter what, things are usually better by the end of a run. Or at least you can eat a cupcake or some frozen yogurt without stressing. That was precisely what Wednesday night was for me. I ran a fast (for me) 5 miles around the park, all while being trailed by one of those guys who runs on your shoulder. I passed him, but he kept speeding up just enough to be almost in my eye-line. This drives me crazy, especially at night, when you can see the shadow bopping around behind you. Just pass me already! But he wouldn’t. Wednesday’s run felt a little tough for me, but I wanted it to. I really needed to feel myself pushing it. I was also listening to This American Life’s show about the Apple factories in China, so maybe it was some sort of empathetic effort. It was a really cool show; I highly recommend it. I have found recently that I’ve been enjoying listening to NPR more and more rather than music while running. I find I look forward to my run even more when I have Ira Glass’s calming tones. Anyway, this run ended the way all the best night time runs do: with an over-sized helping of frozen yogurt. Thanks, 16 Handles for fueling me.


Saturday was one of those awesome days where I somehow managed to run 10 miles, go to hot yoga, have a 2hr nap, and eat barbeque. I mean, seriously, how did I manage that? Everything just kinda fell into place, although my husband who is reading this over my shoulder says it was all because of his awesome-ness. Okay then.

My focus for my 10 year run on Saturday was to only listen to my body and not the pace; I started out a little too fast and slowed down, but I wasn’t too worried, as long as my breathing stayed regular and my legs strong. My splits were a little all over the place, but my overall pace was 9:09 overall – not bad for a longish, chill run. It was windy, but I didn’t notice it so much. For once, I even managed to bring enough money for chocolate milk on my walk home from the park. Yum. Made me miss marathon training.

Consistency is not my strong point. Can I blame the random wind?


An hour later and I found myself at Pure Yoga’s Hot Power Yoga class. At the start of the class I couldn’t even straighten my legs in downward dog. By the end, well, I could almost. I was also a slimy pile of sweat with a pounding heart rate and screaming shoulder muscles (what are shoulder muscles called?) by the end of class. There’s something about sweating everything out that makes you feel like you are floating on air.

Blue Smoke ribs will bring you back to earth in the best way possible. We went out with another couple and got some seriously good, sticky, barbeque. I lived in North Carolina for a year; barbeque is very close to my heart, and Blue Smoke is pretty damn good for barbeque. Finishing up with ribs and banana cream pie was pretty much the best possible end to a Saturday.

Sunday was not so much fun. I woke up with a sore throat, and tried to ignore it. I headed up to Whole Foods to get some food for the impromptu Oscar Party gathering we were having. A confused hour later and I was exhausted, miserable, with a random selection of chips, cheese, and hummus. Not exactly stellar catering. I actually felt so miserable that when I came home I went straight to my dog’s bed and lay there for 10 minutes while Moose licked my face to cheer me up. I ended up sleeping again (second nap of the weekend!) from 2 until 4.30. I felt a bit better, and rallied enough to make brownies and put out the 8 different cheeses I had purchased. Luckily I have a good friend who’s amazing with food who managed to clean up my disaster of an attempt at hosting into something that looked halfway decent. She also brought mac and cheese and cupcakes. She is invited over anytime. I thought that the Oscars themselves were pretty lame. 234 and 173 prizes for The Artist and Hugo, and not really much else? My favorite moment was when Sasha Baron Cohen threw “ashes” over Ryan Seacrest. Oh, and the Hunger Games trailer.

One last thing? I’ve started to do that whole Pinterest thing. You can see what Race I Want To Run here.

It’s hump day! Nearly the weekend!



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  1. Shaya / Mar 1 2012 3:06 am

    Deltoids 🙂
    And I also bought chocolate milk on my way back from my windy 10 miles on Saturday…threw it in the blender with a banana and PB. OMG. Will use that as motivation from now on!

  2. Kara / Mar 1 2012 7:31 pm

    I also hate it when random people run right behind you or next to you! So annoying. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Naomi / Mar 6 2012 2:21 pm

    I love that the app that you used measures your cadence. Can you share which app is it?

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