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March 6, 2012 / fionarwbl

An Italian Meal of An Evening (Without Any Italian Food)

So much for my week break between projects. I got an email at 8:40 this morning asking if I was available to start on something. Of course. There goes my plans of visiting museums, long lunches, midday yoga. This project is just a month long though (in Jersey City!), and then I’m taking a week off to go home to Ireland. I’m normally pretty religious about taking my vacation days, and this is the longest stretch I’ve worked without a proper break in about four years.


Last night I went to Hot Power Yoga at Pure. I have fallen into the habit of going to Hot Power because it is only an hour long. The classes are good as well, but I am sure that I would enjoy Vinyasa, or whatever other classes are on the schedule as well. It’s just that every time I see Hot Power I’m sold, based on the brevity of the class. And, admittedly, the lack of having to throw myself into an inversion. So, scaredy cat yoga. Our instructor talked about this last night; about not doing the same thing every time, about not sticking to your limits every time. I am very guilty of this. Last night I decided to get outside my “I cannot really do crow” comfort zone by trying to get my left foot up first and then my right – and it worked! Well, kind off. More than the other way did. I’m still not “holding crow” so much as “having my feet off the ground for a split second and woah they’re down again”, but it’s a little progress, no? This is the other thing – I should also try a couple of other Iyengar style classes to actually improve my yoga, rather than flinging myself through poses in a sweaty, hot, power way.


Do any runners out there have problems with tree? I have the tightest hips and it makes holding tree really hard because my knee wants to swing to the front. Is this just me?


The best thing about coming out of yoga was being met by Ori and Moose. Moose obviously got lots of loving coos from girls as they saw him waiting for me in the entrance, and, well, if you have never been greeted by a 24lb ball of fur whose sole mission in life is to spend as much time as is possible with his human parents, well, you’re missing a lot. Mostly of sloppy face licks, paws all over your clothes, and cute little whimpering noises. Kinda perfect really.


The three of us headed over to 16 Handles to get frozen yogurt covered with lots of hot fudge and cookie dough. The frozen yogurt part of it made it healthy, I swear. And the 47 pints of water I sweated out earlier. This was the first time in a couple of months we’ve been able to do normal things like mid-week yoga class, frozen yogurt, and then a movie at home. Normally I’m coming home later, still taking work calls, and then taking the dog out, that all time we have together in the evening is rushed and fractured. To put it better, last night was more of an Italian family meal of an evening, rather than a rushed lunch at your desk. Yes, everything can be a food analogy. It was really nice to be completely relaxed, not trying to accomplish anything at all beyond watching a cute kids movie. There’s definitely not enough of that in my life at the moment.


Look at those eyes!

Parting note? I shed a solitary tear at How To Train A Dragon. The little dragon was so cute and reminded me of my dog. Aside from the flying and being able to spit fire, obviously.

Practically breathes fire


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  1. Laura / Mar 12 2012 7:27 am

    Wow, I’m so excited to find a consulting runner in the city too! The life is so different than many of my friends/fitness buddies, and staying healthy while traveling / wining / dining is such a challenge.

    For me, tree pose is actually one of the easiest – but I think that’s because I took ballet for 18 years and find it easy to stay turned out.

    You have made me crave 16 Handles like crazy now!

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