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March 13, 2012 / fionarwbl

My Brooks Shirt Makes Me Run Happy

Isn’t coming home to a bunch of packages the best feeling? One night last week I came home to three. One was a new Verizon wireless card for work (so unexciting I haven’t even taken it out of its box), one was some Meyer Lemon dish soap from, and a box of goodies from Running Warehouse. You can guess which one I was most excited about!

I had noticed some money in my paypal account last week so decided to treat myself to some new duds. I have far too many running tops and shorts as it is, so adding a few more to the mix was obviously not a smart decision. What can I say, I am weak in the face of cute colors and paypal  credit. The first thing I tried out was this long sleeve shirt from Brooks (Official name: Versatile EZ LS Spring 2012). Brooks make one of my all time favorite running shirts – the “run happy” one that I am looking forward to rocking this week with the warmer weather. This gray shirt came with a super pretty flower print on the underside of the back of the shirt that showed through in a good way, and a helpful temperature tag.


So helpful! And check out the fall leaves!

It fit really nicely – skimming, but not super loose, and the sleeves are just the right length. Normally I have thumbholes on my shirts, but these were comfortable without them. The shirt hit me around my hips, and didn’t move, which was awesome. I hate it when my shirt has ridden up around my lower back and I look like I’m smuggling something under my muffin top. It is flat seamed, and has a very flattering curved white seam stitching toward the front of the shirt. I loved this! It was a nice detail that made the shirt look a little more girly as well. It was super smooth and silky as well. I was really comfortable during my run, and it felt especially wind-proof for some reason. I definitely felt protected from the gusts of wind last week, and last night it kept me comfortable while taking a night run along the river. I am already wishlisting a couple more!


This high quality self portrait is just one example of my fashion portfolio. You're lucky I didn't instagram it to give it a vintage vibe. Then again, vintage style isn't what I go for in my running shirts ...


Pretty flower print. This is on the inside of the shirt, and then it shows through. Pretty cool, no?

Last night was a 3 mile run following my half marathon training schedule, which was easy and comfortable. A combination of an awesome new shirt and perfect running weather contributed to a very relaxed 9:20 pace overall. I have to admit, I’m not totally sold on my SmartCoach plan yet. It has me running 5 days a week but the majority are 3 mile runs, with a total weekly mileage in the mid 20s, so not high, even for me. However, I’d rather run fewer days and run 4 and 5 miles at a time. The most I usually run in a week is 3-4 times, so this is a departure for me. I have said a couple of times that ideally I would like to build my base and strength up to run greater mileage, so running most days a week is the best way to do that. However, I have a hard time settling into any kind of rhythm for a 3 mile run, and tend to run them too fast to get them out of the way. This is my super laziness, but I am not sure I see the point of getting sweaty and showering for a 2 or 3 mile run.  Then again, the shorter runs are easier to fit into my schedule. Waking up 45 minutes earlier to run 3 miles is easier than waking up and hour and a quarter earlier for a 6 miler. Am I risking burnout and injury then? Mmmmm, I don’t know. I’m obviously no expert. This whole paragraph is a spiel in non-committal.

 In other random news, I was shocked to discover that cereal at Duane Reader costs $6.99. Seriously? Does it contain gold, or drugs, or something valuable at all? I shouldn’t have to pay so much for my empty calories! Now I have Frosted Wheats and Sharpies winging their way to me from an Amazon warehouse. Do you ever wonder if the people who work in the Amazon warehouses judge you by the random stuff you order? Also, should I get a yellow, or turquoise-y blue shirt to complement my gray one? I’m leaning toward yellow …



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  1. Kara / Mar 13 2012 7:24 pm

    Cute shirt! I’m going to go spend like an hour on that Running Warehouse website now! haha

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