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March 16, 2012 / fionarwbl

My Running Partner Dumped Me

My running buddy and I broke up. I’ve seen it coming for a couple of weeks. First, he was veering off to the exit after a loop of the Bridle Path. Then he started slowing to a trot during the second half of the run. Finally, on Tuesday, he flat out turned around and tried to run home.

Does this dog look like he doesn't want to run? Apparently, he doesn't want to run.

When you’re on leash you don’t get to make a lot of decisions. But it’s clear that Moose, after a brief honeymoon period, is no longer a happy leash running dog. Off leash is a different matter. Off leash, he’s happy to come chasing squirrels and sniffing bushes and chasing Mommy, but off leash hours and routes are not always conducive to getting a good run in. I’m really sad. I used to love the multi-tasking of getting a run and a dog walk in at the same time. Plus, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Tuesday night’s run was super busy; the entire upper Manhattan population descended upon the Park to get their run on, and those who weren’t running were biking in super organized peletons complete with complicated instructions being yelled. I tricked Moose a couple of times by changing up the route, but he figured me out pretty quickly, and we managed a measly 2 miles before I gave up on him and we ambled along over grassy knolls sniffing at bushes. Well, he sniffed bushes. I held his leash.

You are welcome for this grainy shot of the reservoir on Tuesday night that I tried to make better with Instagram. It was this or the back of Moose's head.

Wednesday night’s speedwork session went a lot better. The workout was pretty easy: 1 mile warm up, a mile at 7:50, half mile rest, and repeat just once, then cool down. I did my miles in 7:33 and 7:46, but I got a phone call during the second interval, so it was probably closer to 7:40. Technically, it was the third day in a row of running for me, if we count the previous night’s escapade as a run, so I’m okay with my times, but not ecstatic. My mile repeats a couple of weeks ago were better and stronger.

Phone call at 0.9 of repeat #2 I swear. It was my husband looking for the dog. We will be terrible parents.

Tonight I went to a Slow Flow yoga class at Pure Yoga. It was a teacher I hadn’t tried before, the emphasis was on slooow. The class wasn’t quite intense enough for me, although I did appreciate the focus of the class – the entire class was built around twists. I do love a class that works on a single area, although it sucks if the entire class is on “foundations” and you’ve run 10 miles before coming in. I think I’m going to have to ease off the Slow Flows and get back into Vinyasa and Hot Power Yoga to get out of my yoga rut.

This weekend I have 2 new workouts and brunches planned. And cocktails, volunteering at the NYC Half, and a 10 mile run, and some yoga. And laundry and Trader Joes. Yup, I never learn that I should sleep at some point on weekends.


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