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March 21, 2012 / fionarwbl

Eat, Drink, Run, Sweat Makes For Little Sleep

Although this weekend resulted in a serious lack of sleep, an inability to stand up or sit down without wincing, and a weird laundry induced wrist injury, I’m going to take that as a sign of a seriously good time, although at times I was regretting my exuberant approach to scheduling. Especially when unplanned things like being woken on 1.30am on Saturday night by the synagogue next door dismantling a stage for a bar mitzvah, not the drunken “Irish”.

On Friday we went over to J Bird, which is a Southern-inspired bar and restaurant on the UES. You know when you really want to love a place because the decor and menu are good, but everything else is just bad? They lost our drinks at the bar, half of the menu was sold out, our waiter was snarky and either nowhere to be seen or giving us random personal stories. The drinks were delicious, but it didn’t make up for a crappy night. I was upset – I need to find cool places within a $10 cab ride from the UWS. They are few and far between!

Every Saturday we wake up early and take Moose for off leash time at Central Park. I think that this is where the restful weekend plan falls apart. It had been damp out on Friday, because the dogs got so muddy and dirty at the Park. There was no doubt about it – it was bathtime. Moose hates bathtime more than anything else, even if he does get to eat cream cheese the whole time. You can see from this picture that he physically becomes about half his size now his curly locks are all wet. Poor Moose.

He is literally half of his usually furry size when he's wet. It makes his eyes and nose even bigger.

Recently I have noticed that I am not as defined in the arms and abs as I once was, and really, I ought to do something about it. I have heard great things about Refine Method, so decided to take the plunge and go to a class. Technically, this was my second class; I went about a year ago or longer to a free class that Dori organized, but I knew that the class had evolved since then. I’ll be writing a full review later this week, but it’s safe to say that I got a workout and came out of the studio sweating.

Armbands and running happy? Good day.

But you know, what’s a little strength training to 10 mile runs? My training plan said run 10 miles on Saturday, so I did. (My training plan has also said run twice, including this morning, but I haven’t done that). Saturday was a beautiful spring day, although a little chillier than I thought. I got to test drive my new arm warmers, and they were awesome! They felt pretty comfortable, I was able to adjust them mid-run, but I didn’t get to test how easy they are to stash if it gets warm.

Not my fastest, but I'll take them

I had no aspirations to push the pace on this run given the 34236 lunges that I had done at Refine that morning. I was just looking to run a comfortable, 9:30ish pace. I also had no expectations about my legs feeling good; I knew that they were going to feel tired and heavy. I think that understanding  that things are going to be slow and feel hard takes a lot of pressure of the run and helped me enjoy it. It helped that the sun was shining, I was still actually running, and was listening to a fascinating This American Life about people who take a long time to do things. I loved my running route as well Рa 4 mile counter clockwise loop of the park, a loop of the Bridle Path, and a 4 mile clockwise loop of the park. It broke the run up into nice digestible chunks. Another bonus is that the water fountain at East 90th St is on, so I got a couple of water breaks as well. I ended up with a 9:15 pace for my 10 miles. I felt pretty good about that.

Don't laugh, but for me, this are steady splits

I stopped feeling good about it about 10 mins after I stopped running, when I was suddenly so chilled that my recovery chocolate milk turned into a recovery peppermint mocha. It was medicinal! By the time I reached home my legs were incredibly ache-y and sore, and a shower and bath later was not helping them at all. Too much work!! I have to admit that I have not had any muscle pain fro working out since the marathon, so this was novel, and in some ways welcome. But it was not really fun.

On Sunday I had to wake up at 4.30am to volunteer at the NYC Half. I signed up for volunteering last week, on the impulsive decision that the water station was the closest to my apartment, and I had friends who were running the race that I wanted to show support for. I didn’t really think through the whole 4.30am start, because, well, I just figured I’d deal with it. Being an actual proper Irish person born and raised in Ireland, I actually sort of hate St Patrick’s Day, so knew I’d be staying in on Saturday night. I also thought I might finish early. What I didn’t know was that the synagogue next to us decided to dismantle some sort of music or stage at 1.30 in the morning, including having 3 trucks in the street, resulting in ridiculous amounts of noise. I used to live on 27th and 6th ave – I’m used to noise, but this was crazy. So, I got an awesome 3 hours sleep. YAY!

Lovely, neat water rows waiting for you runners to disrupt

I was doing water as my volunteer position. I’ve previously done the race warden where you stand, cheer, and hope someone doesn’t collapse in front of you. Water was more fun in that you are actually doing stuff – a lot of stuff – but also takes a lot longer, and there is a lot of clean up involved afterward. There were some really fun people, and some really weird people, and some kids who actually chanted “don’t get a ticket for going too slow”. I was super excited to see the pros run past – they really, really run fast. I admittedly was at the worst part of the course (last hill after a mile of hills, and last real hill on the course), but it was also only 4.5 miles in, and I was surprised to see just how hard everyone was working. At that point for me, I’m kinda comfortable coasting. This why I’m not an elite runner. I cannot be in pain for 13.1 miles.

This photo is blurred BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING SO FAST

I got home around 10.30, ate a light breakfast, and headed out to make my SoulCycle debut. By this point my body was seriously miserable – no sleep and lower body pain meant that I was flushed and hot – not a good start to a workout that people have called terrifying. I’ll have a full review up later, but safe to say that I loved it, but didn’t die. I can see myself doing it regularly after long runs to keep my legs from stiffening up. I went with Elena, and all the good work we did in SoulCycle was swiftly ruined by a Bloody Mary brunch at French Roast. We were very sweaty patrons and am sure everyone around us hated us. Worth it.

Sunday ended awesomely with a dinner at my friend the uber-cook (never turn down dinner invites there ever!) and watching Frozen Planet with amazing polar bears, really ugly elephant seals, the amazing wooly mammoth caterpillar, and really, really scary orcas. They hunt in formation. It is freaky.

How was your weekend? Were you exhausted by yours too? Did you run the NYC Half? I might have poured your water!


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  1. dysterious / Mar 22 2012 2:46 pm

    I didn’t know you went to Refine. I want more details!!

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