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March 26, 2012 / fionarwbl

Chill Weekend Working Through My To Do List

That was the weekend I needed! I even got a 10 hour sleep in, which automatically makes it the longest sleep that I’ve had in at least a month, if not much, much longer. Sometimes, your body just knows what it wants.

I sleep for 18 hours a day. It takes a lot of concentration and I have to really squeeze my eyes shut to do it.

I started the weekend with a March Madness Happy Hour with work people. I am not a good work socialite, which in my organization is a handicap; everything here is built upon your network and who you know. I’ve been at my firm for about 6 months, and this is the first Happy Hour I’ve actually been to. It is also the first one that I’ve been invited to that I was going to know more than two people. I actually had a great time, and got to meet some more new people and also partook in at least one pickleback. Have you had  a pickleback? It’s a shot of Jameson followed by  a shot of pickle juice. Sounds terrible, right? It’s not. It’s weirdly great. The pickle juice acts a counter to the whiskey, and you end up with very little aftertaste or burn. Whoever figured out that was a brave man.

After happy hour Ori and I went and joined the long line to see The Hunger Games. Ori and I are big fans of the book, so were excited to see the movie. I won’t ruin it for you. We enjoyed it, although we had to be the couple that shushes people as we were surrounded by people who talked and checked their phones throughout the movie. If you wanted to do that, why not stay home and rent a DVD? I get mad easily in the movie theater! We got home around 1.30am, which was awesome for our 7.15am start for dog walking. (Have you noticed how much I talk about sleep here? I need my sleep!)

Central Park 70s style. I really did take this picture though. And then hipster-fied it.

Saturday was one of those great weekend days with lots of fun and no stressing trying to fit everything in. We woke up early, took the dogs to the park, and were impressed by the cherry blossoms everywhere. The dogs got to chase the falling petals as well. The weather was fresh and spring like; cool in the shade, warm in the sun. Actually, I thought it was way cooler than it was, and wore a long sleeve for my 11 mile run along the West Side Highway. I also didn’t bring any water, as I thought that the water fountains along the WSH are available all year round. Oh wait, I also didn’t bring any cash. Rookie errors.

This is a "what not to wear" running photo. If the forecast says 65 plus, and you are going for 11 miles with no shade, do not wear this.

Within a couple of miles I was waay too hot. After about 4 miles I was desperately stopping at every water fountain and being denied each time. I had some awesome back and elbow sweat patches going on as well. After my turnaround point at 5.5 miles my pace started to take a dip as I was feeling more and more uncomfortable. I’m sure part of it was psychological; I’ve been on hotter, longer runs where I haven’t had much water either, but that was after a summer of getting acclimatized to the heat. At this time of year 70s feel a lot hotter than they actually are. I was eventually able to get the world’s best plastic cup of iced water from a burger stand next to the Intrepid. I gulped down its deliciousness, and used the ice cubes to cool down my neck and hands. After that, the last 3 miles home were still a little slow, but mentally, so much better.

The different between total time and running time? The time that I spent looking for water. This sounds like I was running the desert rather than on a busy, well-used running and cycle path.

There’s nothing like recovering from a longish, hot run with a Bloody Mary and French Toast, is there? I went for brunch with an old college friend who has been here for six months and I still haven’t seen her. I do find it amazing that living her can suck the time out of everything and you find that you’ve gone months without doing that thing you’ve been planning because sometimes it feels like you have to run so hard to stand still. Then again, there are some people who are just incredible at fitting everything in. I’m working on it; I can do about 3 weekends of running around like a crazy and then I need to take a weekend to myself. Anyway, French Roast as usual delivered the goods, and I felt revived by post-run carbs and salt.

Was I really hydrated enough for Hot Power Yoga at Pure? Ehhhh, probably not. I swear the room was hotter than normal though. I sweated mad, mad amounts. The normally grippy mats actually felt slippy. While this class is at an awesome time for me, I don’t love the teaching style, so I think I’m going to have to rejig my routine a little. There’s an 11.30 Vinyasa and a 2pm Vinyasa that maybe I could start going to, but they are both kind of cutting into my whole weekend. #firstworldproblems I did use my Pure giftcard to buy an incredibly overpriced Watermelon and Lime juice. If I’m going to pay $10 for a drink, there had better be some booze in it. And there most definitely was not. And, I’m sorry, but how hard is it to press juice from a watermelon? They are like 99% water anyway? It tasted delicious, for sure, but only in a “I’m not paying for this kind of way”.

Yes, you taste delicious, but I'm not going to spend $10 on you unless you come with alcohol

Sunday was dog walking, closet clearing, and hitting up Refine. My main takeaways from my closet spring clean was that I have too much stuff, and most of it is striped. I did manage to get a couple of bags for Goodwill, so I count that as a pretty big achievement. Clearing out my closet and dealing with bills and other bureaucracy has been on my to-do list for a while, so it’s a relief to have them finally ticked off. Although, Lululemon would prefer you didn’t.

I cannot endorse this message. I don't think that "do what you want" will work when the IRS comes calling

Refine Method felt a little easier than last week, but still hard, and today I’m feeling it in my butt and a little in my back. That’s good; it’s a sign I actually did something. We did two killer exercises involved contraptions which can only be described as floor polishers – weird discs with floor polish or chamois on the bottom that you put your fet on while in plank or pushups and use them to slide your feet. Woah, they add some burn. I also tried to do a jumpback and stubbed my toe. Aw yeah, I am that coordinated. After Refine I also ticked another item off my to-do: foam rolling. I’ve had a foam roller since Christmas (thanks Ori!), but have been too intimidated by the potential pain factor to actually do it. I’m a wuss. I finally rolled. It hurt. And then felt good afterwards. I’m a fan.

Per Se called. They want my awesome pastry chef skills.

Let’s take a moment to gaze in wonder at this creation. Yep, that’s my breakfast. I souped up a bagel with some nutella and strawberries. Jealous, much? Right after I finished it, I wanted another one. I didn’t have another one, but I really wanted it.

How was your weekend? Did you dress your breakfast up as dessert? Watch the new Mad Men? Correctly attire yourself for your run?



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  1. Kara / Mar 27 2012 4:42 pm

    I love spring cleaning and cleaning out my closet!! I’m strange, I know. I just enjoy getting rid of stuff, haha.

    I had the same problem on my last run – wayyy too hot for long sleeves! I had a much shorter run though so I can only imagine how uncomfortable you were 😦 But your shorts are so cute! Where are they from?

  2. Run Bake Eat / Mar 27 2012 7:32 pm

    I had the same problem on my long run this Saturday with the water fountains – some were on at the beginning, but none were towards the end of my run, when I was dying of thirst. Although I realized they were off, I still checked every one I ran past, which just made me thirstier. I hope they turn those things on soon!

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