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March 29, 2012 / fionarwbl

Roga!!!! Also, The Woes of the Irish Abroad

Last night I got to debut my new Oiselle Roga shorts on my tempo run. I’ve been debating rogas for a while, and then this rave review from a certain leggy runner made me bite the bullet and purchase. Like I really needed to get my arm twisted to hand over my credit card details. They arrived last week, and I finally got to take them out for a spin last night. I got the black pair, and they also come in a very chic midnight blue. I was also very pleased to see these tweets in my timeline.


Oiselle thinks my blog is rad. My day is made.

I had actually already read the blog post that they linked to today; it had some really interesting thoughts on fashion and sportswear and the interactions. As if my Rag & Bone obsession needs any further encouragement.

Hitting the camera button on the iPhone is so challenging. I really need to concentrate and square my stance to get it right.

Roga Shorts come with a knit, rather than elastic waistband, like yoga pants. This means that they are super comfortable and do not poof. Seriously, I do not understand why all women’s running short don’t do this. I cannot fathom why you want ever want to wear a different waistband? IT JUST MAKES MORE SENSE. They are made of incredibly stretchy material, so while they have a closer cut that my other shorts, they stretch while you run so you are not constricted. I tugged on the material a lot and it really does have a significant amount of stretch, considering it is a lightweight running short. If you have larger thighs (it’s all muscle people!), then you may want to consider sizing up though, as they did feel a little neat. They also have a zip pocket on the rear butt. I put my keys and credit card in here. I could actually do with a couple more pockets for gels as well, but for most people, one pocket is enough. Anyway, I thought that they looked pretty damn awesome, and were going to power me to tempo awesomeness.

Bambi legs! I might need to pee! I'm sure Oiselle are really happy at my modelling skills here. I will understand if they ask me to take these photos down.

Actually, they did not.

I do not in any way blame the shorts for not being as fast as I wanted on my tempo run and nearly dying in the process.

Last night was warmish, and one of the first warm spring evenings I have run on. On Saturday I had some overheating problems which I blamed on attire. This time, I had some overheating issues which can only be blamed on the fact that I spent the first 26 years of my life in Ireland and Scotland, countries where the sun rarely shines, and the temperature is a steady 55 all year round. Anything over 65 is considered balmy. 70 means call in sick to work to go sunbathing. This means that I am genetically ill-adapted to warmer climes. Every year I have to go through an acclimatization period where my body remembers how to sweat again. Until then, I’ll be a red-faced, miserable runner who feels like she will spontaneously combust at any second during her run. It’s not fun. Luckily, this only lasts a couple of weeks before I become a sweat monster and able to run 20 miles during heatwave and sweat until it looks like I took a shower with my running gear on. Oh, sexiness.

While I’m blaming things for my less than stellar performance yesterday, I’m also going to through in the fact that I hadn’t eaten since 3pm, and in general, I don’t really know how to fuel for an evening run. If anyone does, please advise. The fact that it was 8pm when I set out as well probably accounted for a couple more second lost from my pace.

No negative splitting. Just spontaneous human combustion.

How bad was it? Well, I ran 4 miles with an average pace of 8:09. Last week I ran the same 4 miles with an average pace of 7:57, and with far less misery. Yuk. I just kept pushing, and heavy breathing, and willing my legs to move when they would not. Misery, misery, woe is me. I checked my training schedule, and no more tempo runs for 3 weeks which seems an abominably long time (speed workout and a recovery chill week in between). I’m not sure my legs can take not tempo-ing for so long after this performance. We might have to have a do-over.

All this didn’t stop me from having a huge 16 Handles recovery meal. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want you judging. But it was huge. With a lot of hot fudge sauce and cookie dough.

How do you deal with rising temperatures? Have you tried the magic of roga?



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  1. Sarah OUaL / Mar 29 2012 7:51 pm

    Yay! So glad you like them! They look good on your bambi legs, haha

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