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May 4, 2012 / fionarwbl

Speedwork: the humbling continues

Yesterday morning I tried to run fast. The only successful part of this was the amount of mud I brought home on my legs from splashing through puddles. Which was a lot. My shower looked like I had bathed my dog, not me, this morning.

My training plan called for 3 mile repeats at 7:47 with half a mile of rest in between. This is what happened.


Yes, those are not 7:47 numbers. Naturally, I’m not exactly thrilled with these splits. The whole time that I was running my legs were slow and tar like, and my breathing resembled a warthog being chased by a lion. Not hitting my target paces sucks. Running some of the slowest miles I’ve run in 2012 sucks. Being frustrated and angry at myself for my running performance and prioritization sucks.

Let’s be honest: for the last month I have not run as much as I should have or wanted to. There are lots of reasons for this; some of them good, some of them more like excuses. And now the numbers show it. How can I expect to race or run fast if I don’t put in the time for it? It’s just not possible. And worse, running with high expectations and poor performance is simply no fun. I get mad at myself, I get frustrated, I get demoralized. And then nobody is happy.

So, what to do? Make a list!

1. Commit to my training plan.

If it says run 13 miles, go and run 13 miles. I only have 2.5 more weeks before Brooklyn, I’m sure I can commit to that. If work gets in the way, run early morning. Make this happen.

2. Adjust my expectations.

My strength will come back, and quickly. It always does. But if I continue to beat myself up about not hitting 7:33 miles I am not doing anything for myself or my body.

3. Believe in myself.

I have a stretch goal for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I want to run it in 1:50. That’s a long way from my 2:06 at Nashville, but it’s not so far from the 1:52 I ran in March. If I don’t believe that I can make my time goal, then I fear that I will just give up and throw in the towel. I have to convince myself that I can do this. Because I can.

4. Make good decisions.

Those include: going to yoga, eating right, fueling, foam rolling, strength training, sleeping right. I’m not going to be a saint. For a start, I’m going to be extravagantly drunk on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday and I cannot wait. And I’m sure I’ll still have a fro-yo dinner at least once. But if I can make more good decisions than bad, then I am setting myself up for success at Brooklyn.

New shorts! And cool red shirt courtesy of Nashville half. I’m a fan.


Thursday morning wasn’t all disaster, you know. I did try out a new shorts style, which I’m digging. I’ve never worn, well, what does one call these? boy shorts? Tight short shorts? I really liked them. They have a thigh pocket for my iPhone, and grippies on the inner leg to keep them in place. Once I got used to them, they felt really good. I don’t think I’d wear them for long, long runs, but anything up to 14 miles I’m sure is good.

If you zoom in on this butt shot, you can totally see some mud. Or a very grainy iPhone picture.

I also did some serious puddle splashing. The puddles on the Reservoir loop were pretty deep, and I’m sure I splashed at least one innocent walker in my desperation to knock seconds of my mile times. My shoes got pretty wet, and I was very happy with my mud splattered legs by the end. Even if they were slow and heavy mud splattered legs.

Plan for this weekend: 13 miles doing 2 loops of the park, (hills included!), some yoga, a bit of Refine action, and serious boozing on Saturday night.

What about yours?


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