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May 10, 2012 / fionarwbl

Hitting Goal Pace, Barely

Last week I wrote about sticking to my training plan for the last couple of weeks of training for Brooklyn in an attempt to salvage my chances at hitting a big goal. This week, I’ve mostly been doing that. On Tuesday night I went out for a slow 4M run in the rain. No matter what right now, my legs still feel slow. Up until a month ago I couldn’t slow down to a 9:15 pace. Now, I’m pushing hard to hit that. What is going on? A low mileage month can’t really do that to me so quickly, can it? No matter what, it’s one leg in front of the other, right? At some point it’s got to click into place again. I was even wearing my my Oiselle “Go Fast Take Chances” shirt to inspire me, but maybe it was just shaming me instead.


No idea what was going on in Mile 1. I wasn’t that slow!

Two loops of the reservoir in the deserved some 16 Handles love, right? In case anyone wants to know, my favorite flavor is birthday cake, and I like strawberry too. No chocolate. Please load me up with cookie dough, vanilla clodhoppers (what are they?!), and lots and lots of hot fudge sauce. Even the cashier commented on how tall I got my toppings going. I thought 16 Handles was a judgement-free place?

<Insert picture of frozen yoghurt here. Oh wait, no, I ate it too fast>

Last night’s tempo run was an improvement on previous running experiences, but I would not go so far as to call it a success. Ori actually came out with me, and did an amazing job of pacing me right through, by running about 10-20 yards ahead of me. Setting the pace, but just far enough away that I could not get close to him to yell at him. Clever guy. We wanted to skip the park because the Bridle Path would be wet and I didn’t feel like tempo-ing up hills, and instead went to the West Side Highway. Since leaving Chelsea, I haven’t run on it that often, and I miss it, although the bits that I miss are a good 5 or 6 miles away – the leafy area around Battery Park, the Marina, South Seaport, even the tennis courts. It’s a great place to do speedwork and tempos though, because it’s flat and relatively wide, so other people running or walking is not an issue. Last night we ran just past the Intrepid, before heading North again. I started out too fast, and proceeded to positive split the entire run. Yikes. But, I did hit my pace goal: 8:10, so that’s a win. Actually, I beat my pace goal by 2 seconds – double win? I still don’t have headphones (must do something about this before I run Brooklyn) and left behind my Garmin, and tempos are the types of runs that I really need inspiration and feedback on. Running naked was not smart, but I can pretend I would have run at least 10 seconds per mile faster if I had them. I was hurting most of the run, and mostly wondering why the hell I go running at all, which made me think of Sarah OUaL and her not being a happy-I-Love-Running-So-Much runner. That’s where I am too. I like running before I go, and once I’m done, and when I get faster, or beat some personal goal. And of course on those elusive “I’m so fast yet I’m floating” runs that happen just often enough to get me addicted again. This was the first run with Ori that we haven’t actually hung out and run together – normally we use the time to talk and are running together as a way of grabbing another hour together in our busy days. It worked well this way though, because my conversational skills would have been mostly sighs, wimpers of misery, and curse words.  We came back super sweaty and starved. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

I made it! Let's not dwell on the fact that my February and March tempo paces were better.


I’ve been thinking a lot about marathon training this week after reading about some great PRs in #HugeEug. Usually I rely on the Runner’s World Smart Coach program to put together a training plan, but this year I think I’m going to noodle one together myself. Not that I’m an expert or anything. I know that there are some workouts I want to incorporate that I haven’t before, and that I want to both have steady, measurable progression, but not get bored. Does anyone have any tips?



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  1. Laura / May 10 2012 4:57 pm

    Come to my 16 Handles meetup on Sunday after a free Figure 4 Class!!! We can compete to see how high we pile our toppings. Don’t worry, I will win.

    • fionarwbl / May 10 2012 5:12 pm

      AAAAH!!!! I would LOVE to, but I’m going to be in Israel for my brother-in-law’s wedding.

      • Laura / May 10 2012 5:14 pm

        We WILL meet up soon 🙂

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