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May 17, 2012 / fionarwbl

Homeward Bound

In a couple of hours I’ll be at Tel Aviv airport boarding a flight to New York. I arrive back in the US at 5.30am, and will be at the office around 10am for a full day of work. The next day is the Brooklyn Half, where I have big dreams of PRs and time goals.

I’ve always read and believe that the night before the night before sleep is the most important one before a race. In this case, that isn’t going to happen. I know I’ll also have a long and tough day at work. I’m trying not to stress about it. Instead, I’ll try to sleep on the plane, drink buckets of water, and I have an incredibly non-exciting Friday night planned. I’m actually making a list of things to do on Friday so I cannot get stressed trying to figure what I need to get done.

1. Walk Moose. Obviously. Priority number 1.
2. Figure out journey to Brooklyn.
3. Coordinate with friends who have my bib. Otherwise the race is a non-starter. Yes, I made that lame joke.
4. Lay out clothes, gels, water bottle, keys, money, phone for race. No faffing around at 5am. Yu don’t know what “faffing” is? It is an Irish word to mean waste time and be late and flustered.
5. Eat carbs.
6. Make my playlist. Probably while eating carbs.
7. Walk Moose again.
8. Bed. Hopefully by 9pm. Did I tell you I was cool?!

Do you make pre-race plans to alleviate stress? Are you ready to rock Brooklyn?


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