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May 22, 2012 / fionarwbl

Selfish Weekend of Silence

This weekend truly felt like a summer weekend. Beers before 10am (refuelling!), cereal milk soft serve from Momofuku Milk bar, long walks with the dog, and several good workouts made it a great, if slightly anti-social weekend. Aside from the post-race beers with Ali and Shaya, and randomly bumping into Dori at Refine, I didn’t see or talk to anyone all weekend, unless the dog counts. And I was really pretty happy with that. Having traveled last week, I had the luxury of the apartment to myself all weekend. This never, ever happens, and I wanted to make the most of it. Didn’t unpack until 1am on Saturday? Check. Leave clothes on the floor? Check. Eat chips and salsa for dinner? Check. Ori is cringing as he reads this. Still, it’s better I do these things when he’s not around, than when he is.

I had great plans for yoga and / or spin on Saturday afternoon, but decided instead to give myself a break and instead get Cereal Milk soft serve and sit in the sun reading magazines. No intellectualism for me, thanks. At around 6pm, after an hour of aimless wandering around the apartment, I felt bored and went to bed. And didn’t wake up for three hours. What?? A 3hr nap is really more of a full length sleep, let’s be honest. I woke up pretty dehydrated and very disorientated, but not exactly displeased. I mean, this weekend was all mine, right? Who cares if I slept until 9pm? I can stay up all night if I want to. All I have on my schedule is some quality time with Don Draper. And a little bit of Girls. Is anyone watching that? Thoughts? I’m not sure yet. Mostly, it’s kind of annoying. But I weirdly like the masochism of some of the humor. So, hmmmm.


Feels so good!


I went back to bed at 1.30 and woke again at 6.30am. This is just not normal behavior for me, but I loved it. If only my body could do this naturally! Moose got a long early morning walk through the park. It was fabulously meditative – no phone, no music, just wandering the park with a panting happy dog. Who likes to roll. Thanks to my early start, I was able to hit an earlier Refine class as well, which was fantastic because I got to see Dori and meet the fabulous Sara. I’ve been following Sara on twitter forever, so I felt like I actually knew her. My right knee was kind of sore, but I rolled it out and it didn’t really bother me during class. Class was tough, but doable. I do love Refine, apart from the kettle balls. It just feels like it’s giving me a great workout every time. The Refine studio is also next to one of my favorite dessert places – Soft Serve Fruit Co, so I had a post class treat. I swear most of my fruit and veg servings this weekend came from frozen dessert toppings.

As well as Refine on Sunday morning, I did also make it to my first yoga class in over a month. It is no surprise that I didn’t straighten my legs in downward dog the entire class. For real. I think I also made those weird grunting sounds while moving from pose to pose. The two guys beside me probably hated me. I also hit up child’s pose during dolphin. Basically, I wussed out. However, I’m super excited because our yoga teacher has decided to dedicate the summer to teaching us this:


Flying legs!


Yep, I am so in. I mean, this week I couldn’t even get my leg over my shoulder, never mind straighten it, never mind start floating off the ground, but by September, I’ll be, well, somewhat closer. I’m excited. Crazy flying yoga goal.

All that running, Refining, and yoga has made my body extremely sore today, and I’m browsing Amazon for The Stick. Although, since I barely foam roll, what makes it more likely that I’ll use a baton on my achy body? Does anyone else have one? Recommendations?


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