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June 6, 2012 / fionarwbl

National Running Day

Just a quick post to celebrate running on National Running Day.

Running and I have a complicated relationship. Sometimes, it’s all rainbows and butterflies and negative splits, and sometimes, it’s grumpiness, heavy legs, and walking breaks. But I don’t think I remember a run that I wish I hadn’t done. I’ll always feel better after I run, even if that run involves a thunderstorm and a call to 911 to rescue a capsized kayaker on the Hudson. Running has made me stronger, leaner, more confident, and has made me commit to goals. I’ve done things that I never thought possible, like running a marathon, running back to back days, running for 3 hours without music, running at 5am in the morning and 11pm at night, running faster than I thought possible, and run slow to recover spent legs. A run is a run is a run. And all runs are good.

I want to run with friends. I want to run with family. I want to run with my husband. My dog. My kids when I have them. I want to run when I’m old.

I want to run faster. Go longer. Run the Boston Marathon. Run in different states and different countries. Run races. Run for fun. Run always.

I want to do this again and again and again


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