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June 8, 2012 / fionarwbl

Back Loading My Week: How I Manage My Schedule, and Help Me Pick My Race Outfit

My work does not have a lot of flexibility, and the hours are frequently long. This week I’ve had three 8am calls or workshops and one 7am. I’ve been in the office every night until at least 8pm, and on Tuesday I got out at 9.30. This is not a cry for help or woe is me or anything like that. I love my job. It is not always like that, but I have to work with the fact that it sometimes is, more importantly, I have to work with a schedule that allows my plans to change, as those days that you thought you were going to have a nice easy one are frequently the ones where you are dealing with a 5pm request for an Exec update pack.

The biggest thing I do is load up my weekends. I very rarely make a mid-week yoga, Refine, or spin class. Pure Yoga does have 8pm classes, but I admit that I haven’t taken advantage of these as I could. On weekends I try to make it to Pure on both Saturdays and Sundays. I’ll do a Refine class on either day, whichever is not long run day. I can do my long run on either day, but if I haven’t run all week, and sometimes, unfortunately, that can happen, I’ll do speed or tempo on a Friday and long run on Sunday. Long running on Saturday morning and another run on Sunday night also works for me. Occasionally I’ll take a spin class at Flywheel or SoulCycle, but their inflexible booking and cancellation systems don’t work with me. Luckily, the Sunday 4pm class at UWS Flywheel usually isn’t full, so if I get the urge, I’ll do that.

All sounds so good, right? When I read that, I feel a mixture of panic and excitement. But also, where the hell are my friends? Yesterday I spent serious time figuring out how to go to brunch after the Mini 10k, meet friends for BBQ, run another 10 miles, do yoga, refine etc, and have dinner on Friday night as well, and meet someone for coffee.

I had to put everything into my calendar to figure it out. I’m not weird at all.

Given my scheduling challenges, I have some things that work for me:

Run Early and Run Late
I’ll try to run early mornings, but try is the operative word here. I struggle to get up for an early run, and 7am meetings make it even more of a challenge. I find that sleeping with the curtain open helps, because if I see the beautiful blue skies, I’m more likely to get out there. Having said that, if I can’t run in the morning, I can usually run at night. I’m more tired, for sure, but I’ve gone running as
late as 10.30 at night. If I run at night, I’ll usually run without music and in well lit areas. I might also stick to shorter loops close to home.

Flexible Class Schedules
Pure Yoga might be a little pricey, but it offers so many classes at every level throughout the day that there are plenty of opportunities to workaround my social plans. The same with SoulCycle. And it’s why I wish FlyWheel would expand their UWS schedule.

Doubling Up
To be clear, I am not an advocate of multiple double workouts in a week. And I recognize that I would do better if I didn’t do this. However, with my mid-week schedule being slightly inflexible, weekends are when I get to play catch up. I’m happy to do yoga or spin or both after a long run. I have done Refine on the same day as well, but I’m not thrilled about it. I don’t beat myself up about easing out of Warrior due to spent legs, or taking Child’s Pose as well. I know I’m being tough on myself. I’m usually hobbling on Mondays!

Race Days Are Not Sacred
Usually I won’t take a rest day before a race day, unless it is a race I’ve really trained for, like the Brooklyn Half. NYRR puts on so many races a year that not every one can be special. If I’m feeling strong or that I might PR, I’ll maybe ease back. Maybe.

Socialize Exercise
My favorite! Running with friends, or spinning, or whatever, is pretty much the best combination of everything. If it involves brunch, beer, or frozen yogurt afterwards, even better.

Talking of late night runs, I headed out last night at around 9pm for a tempo run. I’ve had a good couple of runs recently, but since tempo runs are my nemesis, I did not have high expectations. I also forgot my Garmin, which meant my paces would be all over the place. I get feedback on pace every five minutes from my iPhone app, but by then it’s a little late.

Well, I guess my running mojo is on a streak, because during this run I felt strong and in control. Sure, the last mile was a struggle, but the three other tempo miles felt, dare I say it, good? This was most definitely one of those “wheeee!! I’m a runner! See me run!” type of runs. Oh, if they only happened more often. My overall tempo time was 8:05, which was my best 4m tempo since December.

Tomorrow is the Women’s Mini 10k race. Last year was my first year running it, and I had a blast. I also met the awesome Shaya at that race, so extra bonus points! This year I don’t really have PR plans, and am more worried about making my running skirt debut. I have two options for outfits tomorrow, as well as a more usual shorts combo. Help me decide!






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  1. tyraaaaa / Jun 9 2012 2:43 am

    I like the first outfit. I’ve been curious about how that skirt fits, do you like it?

    I actually think that doubling up (followed by a rest day) can be more beneficial than doing something every day. It’s a hard balance to maintain though!

    • fionarwbl / Jun 9 2012 2:46 am

      I haven’t worn it for a run yet, but it feels comfortable so far and I like the shorts underneath. I hear ya on the doubling up.

  2. Laura / Jun 9 2012 5:41 pm

    I love that last skirt – so unique and pretty! Where is it from?

    • fionarwbl / Jun 11 2012 12:56 pm

      It’s from Lululemon. I got it about a month ago but haven’t been brave enough to wear it. I wore it for the race and a long run the next day. I liked the skirt sensation, but not enough to buy another one i don’t think ….

  3. Jocelyn / Jun 11 2012 11:28 am

    I like the first one!! Which one did you end up wearing??

    • fionarwbl / Jun 11 2012 12:57 pm

      Flowery skirt, grey top. I wore the same top and bra at Brooklyn and have decided they are race curse. Never again 😦

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