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June 12, 2012 / fionarwbl

NYRR Mini 10k Race Recap and Noon 8 Milers

After getting my running mojo back through some awesome Yasso 800s, an easeful 14 milers, and a sweet tempo run in the last week, you would think I would have been fine and dandy at the Women’s Mini 10k? Oh no. Not at all. Spoiler alert – I sucked at this race.

Which is a theme these days. After setting PRs at speeds I did not think possible earlier in the year, it turns out that those paces are, well, impossible, for me to hit right now.

I mean seriously, a 48:49 10k? Did I cheat or something? I really don’t know how that happened, apart from being powered by the force of The Boss the night before.

I definitely did not deserve this bib

I got one of the worst nights of sleep ever the night before thanks to my brat of a dog. I do love him, but it is completely unnecessary to push me out of the bed at 3am and then wake me up at 5am to vigorously lick my face. I decided to wear a skirt for the race, which does not at all live down to stereotype. It was my first experience wearing a running skirt. I kinda liked it, but not enough to give up my Roga or Speed Shorts addiction. I wore the same sports bra and tank I wore for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Never again. They are clearly race jinx. Yes, I can blame everything but myself for sucking at this race. Watch me.

Happy! Positive! Blue is clearly this season. The Devil Wears Prada would be proud.

I met up with my run buddies at Columbus Circle. I absolutely love the energy of the Women’s Mini. If you didn’t run with friends, it would probably be crazy intimidating though; every single woman there was meeting or running with someone else. We hung out a little, and then headed to our corrals. I was not really planning on racing but I didn’t really know what I did want to do. It’s not a good start to a race. The race started, and I decided to run hard now, and deal with the consequences later. Also known as “I am a world class pro at negative splitting and regularly give seminars on how not to race”. Apart from the last bit, because obviously no one would want race advice from me.

Even though I was apparently in the relatively speedy Red Coral (personal coral best!), the first mile were weave-tastic. If NYRR were to do one thing to improve the quality of their races, it would be on coral management and phased starts. Lots of runners were going much slower, and running in groups. No problem, but don’t get in the second coral if that’s your plan. I wasted a lot of energy running my 8 min mile at the start.

By the second mile, my legs started to feel dead. Yes, you read that right, the second mile. At this point, I should interject with the fact that I went to Refine the night before and did about 1678 lunges and squats. Not an awesome pre-race strategy. I did make the decision to go knowing it would mess up my race, but somehow I thought that there might be a bit of mind over matter. Turns out not in this case.

While going up the first of the Harlem Hills, my phone rings. Ori was walking Moose in Central Park and was now trapped by a sea of runners. He was wondering where I was on the off chance I was close. I wasn’t. He called me back to complain about it. Not much I could do, but it kind of killed my uphill running skillz. Not that I have much, so it doesn’t take anything to turn my legs to jelly uphill.

At this point, I had well and truly given up on racing this 10k. My Garmin was telling me I was running somewhere between 8:30s and 9:00s, which was pretty much unrecoverable. Seriously, how did I run so fast in April? Did I steal my legs from someone else? I decided to make the rest of the my race about congratulating the older ladies, looking for friends, and high-fiving girl spectators. Right at this point I saw Dori storming ahead of me, so I had to charge a little to catch her up. We ran together for a little bit, but I lost her at a water stop. I slowed down to see if any of my friends were behind me, but then I figured that it was more likely that they were ahead since I practically walked the hills. Between mile 3 and 4 I was pretty bored of running and had to have a mental fight to stay with it. Mostly along the lines of “well, if it was just a regular loop of the park you wouldn’t quit, so stick with it”. Plus, I was pretty far away from home, so the walk back would have been miserable. Mile 5 could not come fast enough for me, and then of course, the last mile dragged, especially, ohmigod, I really remember the final speedbump at about 400 meters. This race made me feel like a complete wuss.Finishing time was 53:17. Nearly 5 minutes faster than my PR. Ouch.

Popsicle mouth. To match all the blue outfits.

I was especially psyched to get  a popsicle at the end of the race. Yes, I am easily pleased. However, all my post-race pictures have me with a blue mouth. Not only did I blow this race, I also blew my post-race photos. I sat on a bench for a few minutes before going to find my friends. As soon as I was done, I was completely exhausted and kind of nauseous. I had plans to meet a college friend for the Big Apple BBQ  Block Party, so had to skip post brunch festivities. Last year we had a great post-race brunch and it was the first time I hung out with Shaya, so going home sucked. However, given that I went home and went straight to bed for 2 hours, it was definitely what my body needed.

Mmmm, smoke n goodness

Do you think that running a moderately paced 6.2 miles justifies 3 medium plates of BBQ? All that protein was certainly required! We got some classic North Carolina pulled pork as well as some South Carolina pork and some Texas ribs. So good. No apologies. The All-American day continued with beers and snacks at our place while watching Game of the Heat vs Celtics. Unplanned but awesome fun.

Continuing the ohmigod my body wants to sleep weekend, we slept in until 10.30am, which never happens. Ori and I decided to run 8 miles at noon. Yes, best running decision ever. Nothing like running 8 miles in 80+ temperature after racing the day before. I was dying by mile 1.5. You know you’re having a good run when you are counting the minutes between water breaks. All 10 of them. Poor Ori was hoping to get a good workout in and instead had to stop repeatedly to wait for me to trudge up a hill. He was a very good sport about it, but I have a feeling he’ll think twice about accompanying me on a long hot run again. This whole run was a complete slog. I sweated a lot. My legs were tired and breathing the hot humid air made everything feel like twice the effort. We ran a loop of the Park skipping the Harlem Hills, and then two loops of the reservoir. I haven’t even downloaded my splits from the Garmin, because I simply do not want to know. Let’s just say there are definitely double figures in there. But 8.5 sweaty miles were cranked out, and that’s the main thing.

The run made my stomach super cranky. While I rarely have stomach issues during a run, after the run is a different story. I try to drink at least 16oz of nuun, but even after that I’m not a happy camper. The only foolproof way I have of getting over it is to take a nap. Fun, but not exactly productive, and a little bit time intensive. If anyone can help me figure out how to deal with post-run tummy issues, please let me know.

I headed to Slow Flow yoga at Pure which was unexpectedly not slow flow-y at all, but more intense standing poses which made my quads burn. Thanks! I decided that child’s pose was much more beneficial than standing split pose. I also don’t think that my legs straightened in a downward dog the entire class. Lovely tight hamstrings.


How was your weekend? Race an awesome race? Kicked ass on a long run? Ate lots of BBQ? Share!



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  1. Dori / Jun 12 2012 2:47 pm

    You are fast, even when you stop to take a phone call (but really, WHY did you stop?) and decide not to ‘race.’ You seriously are fast. Remember that.

  2. Jocelyn / Jun 13 2012 12:49 pm

    Sorry you didn’t have a stellar race that you wanted, but you have to take the humid weather into consideration! Also, we seriously need to meet up soon!

    • fionarwbl / Jun 13 2012 1:35 pm

      Yes, run date must happen soon 🙂

  3. Shaya / Jun 13 2012 3:28 pm

    Hey, it was hot that morning! Remember that those PRs were set in much cooler weather. I feel you about Sunday though, I decided to tackle the Q’boro bridge at 9am. Only once back and forth over the bridge, and only 5 miles total because that’s all I had time for…but my legs were also burning and felt so heavy. I probably walked a block 3 or 4 times total (though did not stop running on the bridge!). Let’s make a date to run over the bridge 1million times. 🙂

    • fionarwbl / Jun 13 2012 3:31 pm

      aaaaah!!! the bridge!!! my nemesis! 🙂

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