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June 30, 2012 / fionarwbl

Running Milestones and Seriously Sweaty Runs

I hit a minor milestone this month. This is a small deal for anyone who runs a lot, and major for someone like me: June was my first ever 100 mile month! I actually ran 105 miles. Even during marathon training last year, my monthly mileage topped out at about 92 miles. I didn’t even think that I ran that much this month, but my trusty Excel tracker and running apps confirmed it. I’m a little bit excited about it; I sort of feel like a real runner. Of course, as I progress through marathon training, this milestone will become pretty standard, but right now it’s totally cool.

Which, of course is not the weather here in NYC. It is sweltering here; too hot to actually be outside and have fun. Since wrapping up Moose walking this morning I’ve barely left the house. The Irish in me cannot believe that the sun is blazing and I am cowering inside. The Irish in me also dies every time I leave the apartment. 90F  is not fun, thanks.

I’ve been doing lots of scheduling experiments this week, and they’ve been huge successes. After last week’s dead legs scandal, I decided that Refine could no longer happen before long runs, or at least long runs that I might have to be social on. Instead, I went to a late Thursday night class. The class was tiny – just 5 of us – which meant lots of individual attention, and was it’s usual kick ass workout. I am growing to love push-ups, and continue to hate any variation on lunges. I ended up a sweaty mess, but got to treat myself and Ori with our first Chipotle in 9 months. 100% success of a schedule change.

Sweaty runner.

I made twitter plans to run with Katie on Friday morning. Moose woke me at 5am on Friday morning as he decided he was scared of lightening, which meant I was already awake when the alarm went off. The thing about run dates is you have to do them. You can’t just leave people hanging in Central Park because you couldn’t haul ass out of bed. So they are perfect for me. I hadn’t met Katie before, and it was a really fun, if sweaty, run around Central Park. Definitely something to do again, although hopefully not on a morning that was 100% humidity!

Every Saturday morning is dog walking in Central Park with Moose’s BFFF Charlie. Marathon training really cuts into this, and I don’t want to miss one of my favorite parts of the weekend. New, and awesome plan. Wake up at 5am to run 14 miles and then go to the park. I don’t get up at 5am for anything. Plan was made slightly more challenging by the prosecco mint lemonade, and then multiple glasses of straight prosecco last night, and getting to bed at 12.30. Don’t learn from me. Or do. I had a good run!

Green smiley face for sure

I was out the door by 5.45, and while it was 80F, there was a slight breeze, and the West Side Highway was shaded until 7.30am. I ran a straight 14 mile out and back route. In order to keep my sanity, I broke the run up into 2.5 mile chunks, and after every 2.5 miles I was able to take a water break, and at 5 miles some Chomps or Shot Blocks. I had two half empty packets of each to finish up. It helps that the water makes a breeze, and the path is completely flat, but it was a fun, strong run. I listened to a bunch of new music my sister sent me, which is all very hip and cool. Things that cool kids listen to. My average pace was 9:22 for the 14 miles, but the two miles were way slow thanks the it heating up. Oh, and me getting tired. I met the gang in the park looking like I’d taken a shower – entirely soaked and dripping in sweat. At least my dog was happy to see me. I’ll definitely be running at that obscene again, unless I’m being social. Or can convince other people to do the same. Which is unlikely.

And then after the walk I took a two hour nap wearing my compression socks. I pretty much have no intention of leaving the apartment unless there are frozen treats or pad thai at stake. It’s more likely I’ll take another nap instead.

Songs I loved this run:


Any songs to recommend for running?


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  1. John / Jun 30 2012 9:22 pm

    Its an old one, but you cant beat Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins.

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