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September 7, 2012 / fionarwbl

Nine Weeks To Go

Sooo, I went on vacation. It was awesome. Maybe I’ll post about it another time, but this blog is supposed to be about running n sweatin, so I’m going to talk about that today instead.



Top of Mt Mansfield. Sweaty hike!

Isn’t it funny how running is all highs and lows? This time last week I did something that I never, ever thought I would do: wake up at 4.30am to do a long run before work. Crazy, I know. And you know what? I kinda loved it. I met Theodora and we ran a surprisingly speedy 16 miles up and down the West Side Highway. We headed north to try and reach the George Washington Bridge, but didn’t quite make it all the way there. No matter. Two and a half hours later, and I was back at my apartment with 16 miles at 9:31 done, all ready for a working from home day taking about 34 conference calls. No one on the call knew I hadn’t showered yet, and didn’t actually get around to it until 2pm. I can’t see it working for long runs of more than 16 miles, but anything else? Bring it on.

 It’s now 9 (less than!) weeks until the marathon. It’s time to get my head screwed on. It’s time to make the miles count. No more excuses, get the damn miles in.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. And like I said, highs and lows.

Monday: 7 miles easy.

I ran this at  a slightly faster pace than long run, enjoying my first run back after a week off. I did an lap of the park, enjoying being back in NYC and getting sweaty thanks the 83% humidity, although it was a little cooler. I gotta admit, these “vanilla” runs are my favorite, as I’m not thinking about pace (no watch!) or achieving a certain time. My mind wanders and I get a little mental therapy from It, and I feel washed clean and lighter for them.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 6 miles, 4 miles at 8:06 tempo (actual 7:59)

We all know how much I love a good tempo run #tempohaterforever I fear them, dread them, try to give up on them, and generally avoid them like the plague. But this tempo run? Woah chicka. Okay, so it wasn’t my fastest 4 miles that I’ve run during my tempo, but instead, they were controlled, and strong, and I wasn’t dying and gasping at the end. My splits were sweetly consistent, and I felt awesome at the end. I even felt I could keep running at that pace for at least another mile. Runner high.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6 miles, 3 x 1 miles at 7:27 (actual 7:31)

Remember that tempo runner high? Didn’t last long. This morning’s run was tough and demoralizing. My breathing was ragged, my legs hurt, I stopped mid-interval. The whole thing was a painful, painful mess. It was one of those runs that the only upside is that I have done it.

Tomorrow I’ll be running long. 20 miles, and I’m planning a bridge route. I haven’t done a solo long run in a long time, so it’s time for me to conquer demons and do this by myself. It won’t be pretty. There may be tears. And lots of sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. But I’ll finish it and then eat a massive plate of waffles. Or two plates.

In other news, I bought protein powder. I have no idea what to do with it. Make smoothies? I was thinking about trying to increase the amount of protein in my breakfast after running, but have no idea what I’m doing. Suggestions please?  


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