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September 10, 2012 / fionarwbl

Top Mileage and How Not To Run Long Involving Beer and Tornadoes

This week I ran the furthest I’ve ever run in a week. 41 miles. Yay! I also went to hot power yoga twice. My biceps are thanking Labor Day Monday.


I also failed to complete a long run almost entirely due to my own range of silly mistakes. Kids, don’t try this at home. Also known as you can’t fake running, part 2.


So, what did I do wrong?

  1. 3 beers and no food is not carb-loading
  2. Plan your run around drinking plans, not weather. I was planning for multiple martinis on Saturday night. Ironically, I only had one, and a plate of pasta, and because of this I ran in 154% humidity.
  3. Get lost trying to find entrances to bridges multiple times and lose any sense of momentum
  4. Not check the weather part 2, and end up on tornado rain on a bridge. Twice. Hi, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Oh, but don’t worry, I was already soaked through with sweat.
  5. Give up at mile 17.5 due to stomach pains, misery, and fashion week models at Chelsea Piers.


What went well?

  1. I didn’t give up earlier.
  2. The Queensboro, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges weren’t so bad. I mean, apart from nearly dying and being washed away on them.
  3. I ran 4.5 more miles on Sunday to make up the miles.
  4. I learnt a lot about making money from dead people through insurance annuities (thanks NPR!).
  5. 41 is a big weekly mileage for me.


Yes, I’m really disappointed in myself. Another disappointment in an overall underwhelming training cycle. If I was mentally stronger, maybe I could have made this work. Maybe I wouldn’t have run so slowly, or quit. But there were so many things continuing to go wrong. I mean, who gets hungry, like, empty belly hungry, at mile 5 out of 20? Baaad planning.


Then again, my motivation for more miles is right back up there. I’m running Ragnar Napa this week as part of an Ultra team, so I’m trying not to tire out my legs too much, but I’m also keen to get over all the #runfails to get back on the track and get some good miles in. Strange how failure can sometimes be such a motivator.


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