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September 13, 2012 / fionarwbl

Ragnar Bound!


Right now I’m sitting in an airport about to board a flight to SFO. I spent last night packing for a running adventure which has long been on my bucket list: Ragnar Napa. I’m running as part of an Ultra team that needed a runner and contacted me last month. I figured that I wouldn’t fly cross country unless I was running with an ultra team, so if I was ever going to do it, this was the time.

We’re running 6 legs each, rather than doubling up the 3 legs. This means some wardrobe challenges, because 6 changes of clothing is a lot, but sitting in sweaty gear is gross. I’m bringing 5 and hoping for the best. All in zip-loc bags and labeled night or day.

I’m also packing:

· Compression socks (3 pairs) which I might run in
· Comfy crops for lounging
· Two t shirts for lounging
· A hoody that turns into a pillow (multi-tasking!)
· One pair of flipflops
· A bag of nuun, clif bars, shot bloks
· Two water bottles
· Blanket
· Showerpills
· Sunscreen
· iPad, phone, camera, chargers (forgot my kindle L)
· Headtorch

I am so incredibly excited about this running adventure. It’s been on my bucket list for a while, so when this opportunity came along it felt like great timing. Of course I’m nervous about meeting my teammates, whether my legs hold up for 32 miles, whether I’ll hate the no sleep and all run, and whether my expectations are just far too high. Then again, it’s an awesome adventure that I’m sure will be unforgettable!



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  1. Laura / Sep 13 2012 10:55 pm

    Good luck and have a GREAT time!

  2. Ellen / Sep 18 2012 2:19 pm

    I was there too! Can’t wait to read your recap.

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