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October 9, 2012 / fionarwbl

Good Runs, Bad Runs, and an Amazing Invitation

Another week of training in the books. Just one more long run between now and the start line.

While running my long run thirsty, hot, and ill-planned, I kept reminding myself – if this was easy, everyone would do it. Sometimes while reading running blogs and constant twitter updates about awesome runs it can be difficult to remember that this is supposed to hurt, it is supposed to be hard. Of course, it was hard to remind myself of that during my mini-meltdown in Riverside Park 18 miles in on Saturday afternoon. Then, it was all frustration about the gap between mind and body, ability and expectation. I humbled myself home, and sat on the ground while my dog licked my face and my husband untied my shoes. Not exactly the strong runner girl I imagine myself to be. Note to self: running at noon through the East 60s, First Ave, and Chinatown is a recipe for disaster. As is slurping from a glass snapple bottle while running the Manhattan Bridge.

If only these were my marathon and half marathon paces …

The problem is that for every run like that, there’s a run like Thursday’s, when I ran overly fast on a tempo run with 3 miles at MGP, and 3 miles at HMGP. Which, in my case, are definitely not 8:27 and 7:50. It would be awesome if I could train myself to slow down on tempos, and maybe I’d get through the long runs easier. Then again, I was listening to the presidential debate while I ran, so maybe I was getting riled up 😉 Anyway, those miles felt easy and fun. Only downer was that I tried out a tank top from Athleta that became a 90s style belly top, and I am no Gwen Stefani.

The  other thing I became obsessed with this week:  twistbands. We got a free one at some NYRR race (mini 10k?) and I had mostly ignored it because it was lime green. For the last few weeks my hair has been coming down mid-run, so I figured I would give the random green piece of elastic a chance. It was awesome!! I just ordered a bunch more. Mostly in neon tie dye.

Finally, I had the most amazing email arrive in my inbox: an invitation to join a team of Marines in running Ragnar Las Vegas. While debating the awesomeoness of this once in a lifetime opportunity, I also knew that the timing sucked: running 15 fast miles in Las Vegas with some of the fittest guys in America 5 days after running what will hopefully be a killer time at the NYC Marathon is just not going to happen. Or at least, it would make for a broken body. So I reluctantly told them no, even though it would have made for such a cool story for my grandkids. And anyone I ever met, ever.

This week is going to be some fun running: early Thursday morning miles a bunch of girls, the NY Flyers 3 Bridges this weekend, and a bunch of other chilly, long sleeve miles. Bring on fall!




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  1. oricarmel / Oct 9 2012 3:10 am

    Hi, your husband here, and I can think of a few other reasons not spend 3 days in a van around Las Vegas with 11 Marines :).

    • fionarwbl / Oct 9 2012 12:58 pm

      Are you saying you wouldn’t be able to trust me?! Shaya, Loren, and Katie all thought it was an awesome idea!

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