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October 17, 2012 / fionarwbl

Last Long Run, Friday Night Tempos, And It All Coming Together

The last long run is done. The miles are (mostly) in the bank. Now is the time to trust my training, get some rest, and get my head in the game. Wow. A couple of weeks ago this felt so far away, and I would never make it to the taper. Now the taper is here, and I can hardly believe that in just 19 days I’ll be running this damn thing.

Last week’s running was actually pretty awesome, so it’s great to end training on a high.

Tuesday: Speedwork: 3x 1 mile repeats at 7:20 pace. I’ve finally come to peace with waking at 5am to run in the pitch black, and yes, I am well aware of the irony of only starting to enjoy this after the summer is over, rather than taking advantage of the cooler summer mornings and not having to get out of a toasty warm bed. Actually, as I type this I am having a mourning moment for all those summer mornings I slept through. I ran my repeats on the reservoir, where I was joined by a couple of other guys with the same idea and we kept leap frogging each other. These intervals felt actually fun, and weirdly manageable. I also barely looked at my watch during each interval – only once or twice close to the start to check I wasn’t going out too fast (I was), and after that I just kind of forgot about it. And with forgetting my watch I still managed to get close to where I wanted to be – I ended up with a 7:20, and 7:10, and a 7:24 for the three miles, or an average of 7:18, and a further 4 miles warm up and cool down.

Thursday: easy 8 with Theodora. You know what gets you out of bed? The thought that other people are waiting for you in the cold. Theodora and I had some nice easy early morning miles along the West Side Highway and into the park. Another long sleeves day – I’ve got to admit that long sleeves and shorts is one of my favorite run outfits, although I’m missing my tank top tanlines already. Meeting up with other runners and bloggers makes my day simply by feeling I’ve stolen something back just for me out of a week filled with long work days.

Friday: amazingly successful tempo run. Have I ever written those words before? Probably never. This is the training cycle that I made peace with speeedwork and tempos and fell out of love with the long run. I ran a steady 7:38 for 5 miles with a 1.5m warm up and cool down, for 8 happy miles on a Friday night. This was another run where I barely looked at my watch. My split were all around 7:40-7:45 with the exception of that nice flat stretch around 90th st where you get to stretch out your legs where I ran a 7:29. I poorly planned this run that I had to run Cat Hill twice, but it didn’t seem to have too much of an adverse effect on me. Ever wish that you could get some solitude in New York? Head to Central Park on a Friday night. While the rest of the world are at happy hour and having Friday night dinner, there are a few lonely souls banging out their miles at 9pm in the Park. I was actually debating setting up a running club for people with weird work schedules that precludes them from the usual 6.30pm running club sessions. 8.30pm weeknights, maybe 7.30 on Fridays, 5.30am mornings. Want to join?

Sunday: 22 miles with the NY Flyers 3 Bridges Run. 1 mile run there, 20 miles all around the city, 1 mile home again. The route would take us over three bridges (Brooklyn, Pulaski, Queensboro), and three boroughs. This was the second three bridges run that  the Flyers had run, and the feedback from the run I had heard was that the pacers went fast. The 9:30 group was closer to 9:00 and so on. With this in mind, I picked the 9:30 group, hoping to run closer to a 9:00 pace. Actually, our pacer stuck to a fairly consistent 9:25 pace for the whole time, which felt good, strong, and steady for me. We had minimal stops for water, Gatorade, and Gu. I didn’t fuel enough during the race, and this was definitely apparent for the last 5 miles for me, when I felt a little dizzy, and struggled on the last hills in the park. But overall, I felt great during this run, had fun chatting with other runners, and kept a consistent pace. The Flyers put on a great run with excellent organization. I actually felt sore from running the day after this run, which felt good.

I didn’t really get a chance to rest after this run, instead running from brunch to coffee to errands all afternoon. I wanted to go to Slow Flow Yoga, but instead made it to Restoratives which didn’t have quite the same stretching effect. Still, I’ll take it – better than nothing.

Overall miles for the week: 43. Last long run. Finally feeling good. Finally a decent long run. This training cycle is finally coming together. Better late than neve.


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