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November 9, 2012 / fionarwbl

Richmond Race Prep

So, I have a marathon to run on Saturday, and its not the marathon I prepped for. After spending 4 months visualizing success and embracing the pain along the streets of NYC, I’ll be running through the Richmond instead. The course pics are gorgeous, and Dori swears its beautiful. I’m excited.

Given my experience and knowledge of the NY course, I had a game plan for taking charge of ten Queensboro (never Ed Koch!) Bridge and the Willis Bridge. Richmond has some hills, but apparently they are gradual, rather than the soul destroying bridges of the five boroughs. New race, new plan.

1. Run The Mile I’m In
Ali and Lauren have both said this this week, and I’m going to mantra the hell out of this one on Saturday. I can’t worry about mile 20 at mile 9. Focus on the mile I’m running, make sure I hit my goal for that mile, and the miles will take care of themselves. That’s the plan. Like many other people, I’m going to be dedicating miles to certain people and things that are important to me.

2. Run Happy
Thanks Brooks. Ain’t nothing simpler than being happy for the ability to keep on running. Never take it for granted. Even better is the opportunity to run with some amazing ladies. I’m thrilled to be part of #teamrichmond

3. Embrace The Pain
I’ve got a goal. I won’t hit it by taking it easy, or stepping back. If it wasn’t hard, you wouldn’t want to achieve it. Getting there will hurt, and I have to embrace the suck to push myself to my limits

4. Run Steady
Richmond is relatively flat. I should be able to focus of some nice, even splits, with no going crazy in the first five miles. 8:35 will be my best friend.

5. Fuel Right
I have not fueled well for a single long run this summer. I know what I need to do, but I’ve been letting myself get distracted. I’m lucky that I generally don’t have stomach issues while running, so there’s no reason not to take my GUs on time. There are candy stations. Gummy bears will be legit at the second one. Breakfast is a little bit more of a challenge, since the only advantage to the crazy NYC starting fiasco is the ability to fuel early before the race, but I’ll have to trust in oats, almond milk, and PB as my go-to rocket fuel.

6. Soak In The Sites
I’ve never been to Richmond, so I’m excited to soak up the sights, especially given my MA in American Studies. I won’t have Ori on the course cheering for me, so instead I’ll distract myself with my gorgeous surroundings. If anyone has a mile by mile guide in terms of history and sites, tht would be amazing.

7. Run Strong and Run Hard
Steph taught me this one – she said she wanted to feel she was strong in the first half, and working hard in the second half of her recent marathon. I know exactly what she means. I want to hit 3:45. It’s a tough goal, but I think I can just about do it. I have my pace band printed and a sort of plan to hit it.

36hrs until I’m at the start line. Bring it on!



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  1. Dori / Nov 9 2012 10:25 am

    This is an awesome guide through the race. Get excited!

  2. Emilia @ Run for Your Life / Nov 9 2012 4:23 pm

    Good luck tomorrow, you will rock it!!

  3. Stephanie / Nov 9 2012 5:16 pm

    You are going to dominate! Have a great day and enjoy every minute. Especially the hard minutes. They are the ones that are making you stronger.

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