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November 16, 2012 / fionarwbl

Getting Over It: #RedemptionRace Planning

I’m getting over my marathon trauma. I’ve even been running. 8 early morning miles at AMGP (attempted marathon goal pace, for those not in the know. Not to be confused with Actual Marathon Goal Pace, which is considerably slower) with some running buddies shook the cobwebs out of my legs. Actually, the freshness of my legs during this run was pretty galling – a testament to marathon miles walked.

I’ve also spent some quality time reading up on other blogger marathon wipe-outs. I don’t know; it did make me feel better than even SkinnyRunner has bad days (even if her bad days ended up with a sub 3:30 or whatever she ran) – we all have them. Super speedy runners? They’re just like us.

So now what? #RedemptionRace, that’s what. I’m on the hunt for my next marathon which I can run and prove what my body is capable of. I need a race in the next couple of months so that I don’t have to do a full training cycle (lazy? Burned out? Either way, the few 20 miles I see on my training plan the better. Actually, the words training and plan don’t even sound super appealing). If it’s going to be in the next couple of months, it is likely going to be somewhere out west, or in the south, but not too humid. (No thanks, Miami). And, as pretty as the gorgeous Sedona and Running From an Angel Marathons are, I’m vetoing anything with significant elevation changes. My legs can wait for those marathons. Especially since I’m running Big Sur in April; I think I’ve got enough hills in my running life. So I need to find a race where I can kick some ass, and Ori can have a good time that weekend, since he’s promised to be my cheer squad. What a gent.

What are my choices then?


  1. Vegas. It’s soon. Very soon. Too soon, was my eventual decision. Plus, I have a wedding the following weekend which I’m a bridesmaid in, so I am taking enough time off work that week.
  2. Arizona. Reasonable amount of time to train (Jan 20th). Flat-ish course. Nice climate. But really, what the hell else is there to do in Phoenix?
  3. Surf City. Reasonable amount of time to train (Feb 3rd). Flat-ish course. Nice climate. Boring course (apparently, but really, running along the ocean sounds fun!).
  4. Austin. A bit further out (Feb 17th). Cool town. Hilly course.


I’m pretty sure that Vegas is out. Honestly, it was going to cost me too much money, and I don’t have enough confidence in myself to run a decent marathon in 2 and a half weeks, especially since I have a trip to Copenhagen in between. Surf City has mixed reviews, although I think I’d like the ocean course. It would be a nice change for me to watch some surfers while I ran. Arizona sounds like I’ll do well there, and Austin will be most fun. So, basically, I DON’T KNOW. As ever, making a decision sucks. Maybe I’ll go for AZ, and keep Austin as an option and drop down to the half if I PR at Arizona? Also known as hedging my bets.

Thoughts? Recommendations?



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  1. Emilia @ Run for Your Life / Nov 16 2012 1:09 am

    Austin definitely falls into the category you’re vetoing. Sorry to sound like such a downer. Austin is definitely a cool city (I want to go back soon to NOT run for once!) but if you want a redemption race, this ain’t it. You remember how hilly Nashville was, right? Austin is definitely just as hard.

    Haha on Arizona. I have family outside of Phoenix and the last time I was there I barely lasted 3 miles because one can only admire so many fake lakes and cactus plants. It was also almost 80 degrees at Christmastime. :-/

    Vegas would make me nervous because it’s at night. I just feel blah if I’m running in the afternoon or evening.

    Soooo Surf City gets my vote. (But you know what really gets my vote. 😉 )

    • fionarwbl / Nov 16 2012 1:39 am

      Nooo!! That hilly??? Nashville hills were killer… BOO

  2. Laura / Nov 16 2012 2:09 am

    Surf City gets my vote too because of the course and the weather- I like a cold race! Plus flat-ish will likely result in a definite #RedemptionRace for you. I hear Arizona is a great race, too and such a great landscape! You can’t go wrong with either!

    Or… Oakland in March? 🙂

  3. Dori / Nov 16 2012 2:21 pm

    I think it would be fun for you to do Austin, but based on these comments I’m voting Surf City.

    • fionarwbl / Nov 16 2012 3:48 pm

      I’m getting a lot of votes for surf city 🙂

      Austin is now in my head – maybe I’ll do the half there…

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