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April 2, 2013 / fionarwbl

Weekly Round-Up: Family First

Last week I ran a measly 13.63 miles, rather than the 35 plus that I was supposed to run. Even if DailyMile called it a stellar week, it most definitely was not for training. Earlier in the week I caught a cold which meant I was exhausted on Thursday and Friday. My mum also flew in from Ireland on Friday for the weekend, so I wasn’t going to miss spending any time with her to go work out. You never regret a workout? I would if it had meant less time with my mum.


Last week’s plan vs actuals:

Monday: 45 mins easy: Rest

Tuesday:  10min warm up, 10×200 on / off, 10 min cooldown: 40 mins, 4.52 miles along the Bridle Path. Fun way to break up a run that started out not feeling so hot. Splits ended up at (1) 10:00, (2) 8:34, (3) 8:24, (4) 8:54, and (0.52) 8:59.

Wednesday: 10min warm up, 3 x 2m at MGP, 10min cooldown: 1:20, 9:11m. 2 mile warm up to run to meet Steph and start our tempo workout. This workout started out sounding reasonable, and ended up feeling like a total beast. 6 miles of tempo working? OUCH. We pushed harder than MGP, and were actually at 8:10, 8:22, 8:16 for each of the 2m tempo sessions. Steph and I didn’t exactly talk much during this workout, but it was awesome to have someone else along for the ride. We also bumped into Ashley, who sensibly left us to it. This workout left me on a running high all morning. During every meeting I thought “I ran 9m this morning!”. Amazing.

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: 115mins easy: Skipped. Does walking around the city count?


So yes, not a lot of running or general sweating happened last week. This week will have some tougher workouts to make up for it. And hopefully, shorts!

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  1. Jen / Apr 2 2013 7:07 pm

    Family first says it all. I knew my training for the half I ran on Dec 31 wouldn’t be the best because I was visiting my family in WA and since I see them so rarely, I always want to put them first. I think it’s great that you have that attitude!

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