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April 4, 2013 / fionarwbl

Happy Running With A Short Attention Span

The accidental week that I took off from running has done something amazing with my legs and they have felt fantastic on both the runs I’ve done in the last 24 hours. Yes, two workouts in 24hrs thanks to some less than stellar iPhone alarm skills. Suffice to say, alarms set at 6.15pm will not do anything for your early morning run. Last night I took a mid-evening jaunt to Central Park. The workout for the day was to find a hilly workout, which for almost all us Manhattan people, that means heading to the Harlem Hills.  Normally when I run after 8pm in the park I avoid the hills because they can get a little deserted, but I guess the later sunsets means people are out longer, and I never felt alone. I was even a little disappointed that my raccoon count was a lowly one. Anyway, this one of those runs that the moment I stepped out the door, I knew I was going to have a good run. Even though by the third loop around I was feeling pretty winded and working harder than I would have liked, my legs wouldn’t slow down. Fun times.


This "hilly terrain" workout may have more downhill than uphill. May.

This “hilly terrain” workout may have more downhill than uphill. May.

This morning I had a challenging little tempo / speedwork mashup to attempt. For the record, I hate tempos, love speedwork, and have a very short attention span, so this workout really worked for me. I could focus on getting through 2m of tempo work, and then move onto my 4x800s. Despite last night’s hills, my legs felt fine again this morning. They got a little tired during the tempo, but I knew I had 2 mins of recovery, so I didn’t freak out. I negative split every single one of my 800s, which means I deserve to have chocolate brownies for lunch. Multiple brownies. I wouldn’t say that my legs could have run forever doing this workout, but they could have done at least one more 800 repeat.





Also, check out my running outfit last night. I’m thinking of taking a more cataloging approach to what I wear to workout, because, quite frankly, I have tons of workout clothes, and also love to know what other people wear. Top from Lululemon, capris from Lululemom, similar (and cheaper!) available here. I love gray capris. Hands down my favorite color for my bottom half.

Working on my selfie pose

Working on my selfie pose


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