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April 8, 2013 / fionarwbl

Vermont Marathon Weekly Round Up: April 1st – April 7th

This week was all runner’s hiiiiiighhhhh. This is one of those posts that you do not want to read if you’ve had a miserable run. I know. I’ve been there. There is nothing worse than reading about other people’s awesome runs when you ran 0.83 miles before going home and eating an entire bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as therapy for misery legs. But, for once, I’m on the other side of those feelings, and my legs were actually co-operating.

Monday: 45 mins easy: REST. Scheduling challenges

Tuesday: REST. So easy

Wednesday: 45 mins of hilly terrain, or 3 loops of the Harlem Hills, chased by a gigantic serving on 16 Handles. Will run for fro-yo.

Thursday: Tempo / Speedwork combo, with 2 miles of tempo, and 4×800. Holy crap, I negative splitted the hell out of this run. It almost looked like I knew what I was doing.

Friday: 6.30am spin class at Pedal with Ashley taught by Erin. First time doing TRX. Not sure I have the coordination or balance for it. My abs hurt from pikes the next day. Yikes.

Saturday: Rip Ride at Revolve with the famous Kira Stokes. Class totally lived up to its reputation. I was a sore but happy camper by the end of it. Full Revolve review coming soon since I’ve now been three times. Attempted an easy run in the afternoon, but knee and foot were cranky so gave up and walked home via Momofuku Milk Bar. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, people.

Sunday: 14.1m, 2:07mins. Every 10 minutes I had a “surge mile”. That was fun. Broke up the run nicely, as did the lovely water stations set up for the NYRR Colon run (am sure it has a more official name than this). The surges gave my legs a little more confidence about running harder on tired legs. Wore a new Nike top that apparently wicks sweat so fast I didn’t even have elbow sweat. Amazing. Maybe my favorite new run thing. Weather was weird because I started off a lot warmer than I finished up. Retreat to Narnia was continuing. It’s warm today though (don’t jinx it don’t jinx it don’t jinx it)


Get used to these. I am cataloging alllll my run outfits. Useful?

Get used to these. I am cataloging alllll my run outfits. Useful?


Top from Nike available here; shorts from Lulemon available here; similar here and here

Total miles for the week: 30

What’s missing? YOGAAAAAA. Must go to yoga this week or else my legs will divorce me.

Running milestones are coming up: 3 weeks until Big Sur, 4 weeks until Ragnar Cape Cod, and 7 weeks until the Vermont Marathon. Please let these happy legs continue. Hence the desire for yoga.

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  1. Shannon M King / Apr 9 2013 6:32 pm

    It’s always nice when our legs cooperate and we have a great run! Great job! I love frozen yogurt too!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

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