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May 11, 2013 / fionarwbl

My Legs Are Tired AKA Man Up Week Might Ruin My Vermont Plans

Hi from Israel! I ran yesterday and it was really hot and kind of sucked, but at least it was pretty?

Trail running outside Jerusalem.

Trail running outside Jerusalem.

It’s 7 days since I finished “man up” week, and, while it was one of the best running weeks of my life, my body and legs are still mad at me, and I’m wondering if they’ll forgive me in time for Vermont. In all honesty, I’ve run off-plan now for 3 weeks – no speedwork, no tempo, no hills. All long runs, all the time. At least I have endurance?

Running 67 miles in a week when I normally run less than 40 was pretty silly. However, the experience of running the Big Sur Marathon and Cape Cod Ragnar was amazing, and I would not exchange it for anything. While I might have blown my lofty race goals for Vermont, I have to remind myself that I wanted to run everything, and that I had an amazing time. Running is a hobby; it should make me happy. A body cannot run all the things, it turns out though, and I cannot do everything, run everything, and then run fast at the end of it. My body knows this; my mind has to catch up.

So, when I run Vermont and do not run as fast as I think I’m capable of, how will I feel? Will I remember to remind myself of the good times spent in a van, the glory of reaching Hurricane Point, the beauty of Bixby Bridge, and the adrenaline of running under the stars? I will try to.


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