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June 6, 2013 / fionarwbl

Recovering Hard and Building a Base

Ten days ago I ran the Vermont City Marathon. While my legs feel okay when I run, I know that I’m not truly recovered. I need to take a time out from training, from both a mind and body perspective. I admit that for the last 10 days, it has definitely been mostly a laying around on the beach / grass / couch sort of break, but I’m now considering moving around a little more, maybe breaking a sweat.

My next marathon is on October 6th. I like a shorter training cycle (12 weeks), so that means that marathon training will start at the start of July. The next few weeks will be about having fun and building a base. I did some googling around on what a base training actually means, and got some ideas that I could work with without becoming a slave to the training plan. Here are some thoughts on what I want the next month or so to look like:

  1. A whole lot more yoga. Pure, I miss you so much.
  2. Strength training. Refine, I’m looking at you. Especially now that there are outside classes!
  3. Spinning. I have semi-used class packs at both Flywheel and Revolve which I’d like to make a serious dent in.
  4. Running. Oh yeah, I haven’t forgotten about you.
  5. Recovering. AKA loosening up my angry, tight calves before they do a complete revolt on my and stop running altogether.

Here’s what I won’t have: a training plan or spreadsheet. Instead, I’ll be running based on my mood, but it would be good if my mood corresponded with including the sorts of runs below in any given week:

  • 2-3 30-55 minute easy runs
  • 1 speed workout
  • 1 tempo workout
  • 1 longish run (90-120 mins)

The other thing I’d like to experiment with during my base building is running doubles. Aside from Ragnar races, I’ve never run twice in a day, but I’d like to see whether it agrees with me. I definitely like the idea, because sometimes I’ll have pretty easy, calm days at work, and others, well, it’s crazy-town from start to finish. Getting in doubles might be a decent way to get in my mileage and not be beholden to the corporate gods.

Do you run twice in a day? What do you do in between training cycles? Run less? Party more?



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  1. Cookie / Jun 6 2013 6:19 pm

    Your non-running plan has 5-6 runs a week in it . . . mine has one or maybe two. So I guess that means I am taking some time off–reboot is starting week after next. I’m still really struggling on the roads. Maybe we do some trails this summer!!??

  2. Cookie / Jun 6 2013 6:20 pm

    Wait, I misspoke. Your base-building plan. Which I guess can include a few runs! 😉

    • fionarwbl / Jun 6 2013 6:23 pm

      I am not going to stress out if I miss a few runs here and there, either! Would love to run some trails to mix things up a little. My little patch of Riverside Park has grown very familiar!

  3. Nick / Jun 9 2013 1:37 am

    Really glad I found this, it’s so similar to where I am! Just ran my first half one week ago, and I really crashed through the training…did a six-week plan, which included doubling weekly mileage in less than a month and adding three cross-training activities. Now I’m past that race, and waiting to see if I get into the Houston Marathon (it’s a lottery), before I start another “training plan”. I am also researching what a “base plan” should look like, and you have hit most of my marks…I must be on the correct path! Here’s hoping it all goes well for you, and please keep posting updates, so we can compare!

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